Friday, April 14, 2017

Seven Cats Fixed This Week

I suppose getting just seven cats fixed this week makes it a slow week.

Monday five got fixed and Thursday two more got fixed.

The five fixed Monday?

There was Oden, from a Halsey stables.
Oden from Halsey
There was Trevor from Lebanon.   He was one of five kittens neighbors got free in front of stores, where clueless owners handed them off to strangers.   Those five cats were quickly ignored then out on their own where one was killed on the street while the other four struggled and most finally took up eating at a neighbors house.   One by one, she caught them and we got them fixed.  But Trevor vanished, ended up in a nearby trailer park, then got closed into an old trailer on another property by accident for three weeks and is very lucky to be alive.   Trevor finally got fixed.

Curious George got fixed, the 19th cat fixed from the Shedd colony.  There is at least one more.

Curious George
Then of the nine cats a Lacomb property manager brought me (5 adults and six kittens, although two of the kittens were  born in the garage the same day he brought the black female, making it 11 cats), two of them were fixed Monday.

So far the promised donation from the property manager and owner has not arrived.   Promises promises, I think to myself.   Sometimes I am meaner in my mind about it.  Words mean nothing.  Actions are what count.  I'm holding out hope the words will translate to action and it wasn't all just bullshit.

Mayhem, the big huge black male, was fixed along with the teenage bobtailed black boy Magic.  One person can sure cause a lot of expense and suffering by not fixing their cats.  The teens are likely the black mom's litter from last fall.

They left them all when evicted.  At least that's the story I got from the alleged property manager but I'm just taking his word for it.  I don't even know the guy is a property manager or telling the truth.   He's a stranger to me.  And you just never know if you're being lied to or its the truth.  

 I knew about this situation because a post on a Lebanon site had gone around a few weeks before.  Some lady was saying she overheard her coworker claim their tenants left a bunch of cats and Safehaven would charge to take them and they'll probably just shoot them.  The post caused consternation, but nobody knew how to get in touch with anyone over it.  But when he called, I quickly figured out it was the same situation and didn't feel I could turn him down, or the cats were going to get killed or even worse, starved to death, which a couple of the teens are pretty close to anyhow by arrival here.  Especially the last one he brought, the little girl

That's Mayhem on the bottom and Magic atop the carrier.
That was the same day, that I took them to be fixed, that a utility shelf holding a cage they were in nearly collapsed atop us all when I was trying to get them out.  It does no good to scream and curse at a cheap crappy metal shelving unit, but I did.  It hurt, to try to hold it up as I secured it, pounding brackets back into place.

Next day wasn't a lot better.  I was going to take the last two teens to Salem to be fixed, but in a rush, one of them got loose on me in the garage.  The garage was still a mess from the utility shelf fiasco and trying to rearrange and get the cages off it.  Took two hours to corner him and get him back in a carrier.  By then it was too late to take him to be fixed.

In the mayhem, I lost my keys.   My spare set lacks a house key.  I inadvertantly left the house key off the chain in the house, when I ran out to feed the farm colony Tuesday evening.  I came home, realized what I'd done, and knew I could not get into the house, just into the garage.  I tried to call the woman who has my spare set.  No answer.  I had to do that from a friends place because my phone was locked in the house too, charging.

So I drove over to her house.  No answer at the door.  All their cars were there, lights on, purse in a chair, but no answer to my knock or ringing the doorbell.  The neighbor man comes home.  He doesn't really like me.  Never has.  I ask him for help, ask him if he knows where they are.  He doesn't help, after I explain my problem and ask if he knows where they are, just begins treating me all suspicious like I'm trying to break into their house or something.  It was actually rather horrifying.   So I had to leave, thinking he'd call the cops, to just cause me trouble.   I had told him I'd have to sleep in my car if I couldn't get my spare set of keys from my friend, his neighbor.  He knows me.  Why be such a mean fart?

She later told me she was sick and in the bathroom and that the neighbor man told her I'd been there and was acting all crazy.  That's all you can expect from that neighbor, nothing close to the truth, any way to be mean about me he possibly can.  I don't know why he is that way to me, but he always has been, in the 20 years I've known my friend, his neighbor.

But it hurt me to hear her say what he said, when all I needed was some kindness and a bit of help.

Later on, when trying to get through my cat door, which I've done before, with jury rigged tools, a couple came over from a few blocks away to help.  While I was making my rig, she began digging through the stuff I'd moved around to find the loose cat and found those keys.  What a relief.   I would have survived, could have slept in my car but now I didn't have to.

I wish I had money to help that couple who live a few blocks from me.  Recently their rent got jacked from just over $800 a month to almost $1200 a month.  They've lived there over 20 years and taken such beautiful care of their place and even the yard, when management is supposed to care for the yard.   They are trying hard to get a loan and find a house to buy but house prices in this valley have gone through the roof, same as rents.  It's like their responsible behavior has been kicked in the teeth.   I hope they don't end up on the streets.  Wages in the valley for most jobs don't let a person pay $1200 a month rent plus utilities, car insurance, health insurance, for one phone and food, and survive.

The cats joined their two fixed relatives in the bathroom then and were fixed Thursday at Heartland Humane.  Cost to HCC:  $110 for those two.  I got them tested.  All four are negative.  The first two were tested at the Salem clinic for $25 each.  So vetting costs for the four were $160, which included spay, neuter, flea treatment, worming, microchips for the 2 fixed at Heartland and FIV/Felk tests--still a bargain.  

See I don't know what I'm going to do with them.  The property manager had claimed, when I asked specifically, before he brought them, if they were tame, that they were.  Well, these four are not.  they may have once been, but they aren't tame now.

Only one girl of the four!   They are named Mystic and Mystery.  I'll never keep them straight with all M names.

Mystery, the 3rd boy of the Four Blacks

Mystic, the only girl. 
With that, I called it a week.   I had paperwork and tax records to complete and other tedious and much more mundane chores than trapping more cats to be fixed, although trapping is not exciting, for the most part, and requires endless patience and scheming.

I'd like some sun, some warmth and a vacation.  Ha, dreamer am I. I've got no money for vacationing and no control of the darn missing sun.


  1. Maybe not so many fixed this week but it was quite a week for you. I hope you see some sunshine soon.

    1. Oh me too, supposed to be nicer this weekend, but still may be only around 60 degrees.

  2. At one stage all our cats had names beginning with M. Mud, Medlyn, Moby and M'lady. Co-incidence. It wasn't planned.
    You have had a hell of a week. Again.
    I am glad that your keys were found. Hiss and spit to the neighbour man. A true trouble maker.
    And of course I love the black boys. And, as always, thank you.

    1. Yeah it was another hell of a week.

  3. I don't blame you for the odd mean thought. You go through so much. ~hugs~ Thanks for all the good works you do. I hope you got your chores done.