Thursday, March 16, 2017


Well, I guess I'm nearly done with the Lebanon house colony.  There are a few more, but the granddaughter, who lives in the trailer, with two females, refuses to give them up for spay. Says she wants more kittens.  What do you do with that?  

It's not an easy thing to hear when I've sat out there for hours.  I was up there by 5:30 a.m. this morning for instance.  When I've driven their overload, from all the litters, clear to Salem, clear to Portland, lost sleep, cried, and she unloads that bit of selfishness on me.

I left a note for her grandmother.

A bait plate was all I had to write it on.

Diana and I caught two more black ones last night, but not the pregnant black tux.  She's the one I want to catch, to help her.   Another neighbor down at the end, who feeds three, two of them fixed, the other being a Siamese male and the brother of the one I caught, says the black tux female has had two litters a year, six or seven kittens each litter, for a long long time.
This is the unfixed black tux female.
Not to be confused by a previously fixed with ear tip black tux.

This one:

The two Siamese were owned by a guy across from him, he said, who suddenly died, and the sons turned them out.  He's going to get the boy he feeds fixed, or I'll do it Monday, whatever they decide.
Here's the other Siamese boy

The house the black tux lives under, those people also have an unfixed boy.  I offered to get him fixed too.  I hope they take me up on it.  Even better would be they get him fixed themselves.
The Unfixed Owned Male

This is just one block in Lebanon Oregon, with all these unfixed cats.  This is repeated all over Lebanon and other cities.

So tomorrow, off I go to the FCCO with the calico, who is tame, and three blacks.  I trapped one night before last, then the other two, both small, last night.

Pints, the small black trapped last night.  Very small kitty, a kitten really.

Maria, an adult black female, seems amiable to me.

Stoney, a stoic beautiful striking kitty, who is scared but tries hard not to show it.   I am in love!

I have a place for the three blacks now and the black tux boy, fixed Tuesday, whom I call Buckwheat.  

Doodle, the gray tux young girl, fixed Tuesday, today went to Felines First Rescue.
Doodle left today

The calico can go to their Lebanon fosterer, Chelsea, once Doodle heads north to the WA Square Petsmart, which may happen Tuesday.

Buckwheat will go with the three blacks to Brownsville, once the girls are fixed.  Buckwheate was fixed Tuesday.

That leaves only the little Siamese boy.   I'm waiting to hear from my friend.  She came and met him and may adopt him. I haven't heard yet for sure.  She has to get it by her husband.

That's the story so far.   12 trapped and a sure placement for everybody now because if for any reason Felines First can't take the calico right away, Diana will hold her til they can.


  1. I am sorry that you were confronted (again) with selfish silliness.
    And, as always, thank you.

  2. I really wonder if you should care about the niceties of whether people want 'their' cats desexed or not. You would be on the moral high ground if anything ever went to court, which of course, such people would never go ahead with. It is not like you would offending co-operative people. Well, you are the expert. I am just offering a view.

    1. Yeah, if they go in a trap, they get fixed. Grandma said so. But so far, the grand daughter usually hides them from us, so they haven't. this short street has so many unfixed cats its pathetic. Why anyone on that street wouldn't want them all fixed and jump in to help is beyond my capacity to understand.

  3. Thank you for all you do despite the frustrations. Bless you and these precious kitties.

  4. You have a frustrating job, but you keep going. And the world is better for it.