Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Lonely Heart in the Dark

I spent Valentine's Day as it should be spent---caring.

But boy does caring hurt.

Especially when those who should care, just plain don't.

I'm talking about the county park cats and the two camp hosts, who bred and fed them and now are walking away like its nothing to leave them on their own, with nobody to feed them.

They didn't just not care about the cats they are leaving behind today.  I was up there trying to save them.  I made that clear to both.   So did they help, as you might think, since they are their cats?  Nope.

They fed them.  They bred them.  It was their responsibility to work at getting them fixed.  They didn't lift a fricking finger to even do that.

We had to kiss their feet to even get around them to get it done.  When it was their responsibility in the first place to do that.  They were, after all, the ones feeding them.  That makes them their cats.

There is such a thing as personal responsibility.  When you feed cats, it involves more than throwing out some cat food.   You have to get them fixed and if you don't, then you stand tall, and take responsibility for what you've done, find them homes, get them fixed in the end.  You don't walk away.

But they are.

They didn't just have zero interest today in helping catch the cats so they could go to someone who will care for them.   They impeded the effort on every level, from trying to feed them, when they're both leaving tomorrow, and letting their own cats free roam to get in traps, or going out and standing by the traps, so the cats would never go in.  It was unbelievable.

They also showed absolutely no respect or kindness to me, coming all the way up there, sitting in my freezing car for hours upon hours, spending my money, and hours upon hours of my time, to try to clean up the aftermath of their irresponsible behavior.   They may as well have been spitting on me, or stomping my face into the dirt.  The female camp hosts cats were all over the place and getting in the traps.  She just didn't care.   She didn't care that she was making it impossible to get the cats she was about to leave on their own, when they could go somewhere else if caught, and she didn't care she was wasting my time either.

Even if they were going to leave them, if they knew they had somewhere to go, if caught, wouldn't you think they'd do everything in their power to help catch them?   That's what I really don't understand.   Why instead did they just blow it for those cats of theirs, to have a chance, with their behavior today?   That's beyond my ability to comprehend.  

Here are he cats they are leaving on their own.  They have names, and faces and they had friends there.  They believed they were loved and would be cared for.     Cumi, just a teen boy, alone now.   Mistachio, an adult female muted torti.  Bootsy, a black and white kitty one camp host has fed for years.  Goliath, a big brown tabby boy, who is older.  And one camp hosts own orange short hair, fixed years ago, no ear tip.
Left Behind, Cumi, brown tabby tux fixed teen boy


Goliath, although they call him Mr. Paws
 I don't have a photo of the one camp hosts orange tabby boy he's leaving.
And maybe sadest of all---Bootsy.

To see the cats under his trailer happy, rubbing heads, and to know tomorrow, three of those cats, Bootsy, Goliath and Tuffy, the orange tabby, and two brush cats, Mistachio and Cumi, will be left on their own, to know what they'll go through, anguish, loss, and starvation....its hard on me.

I did catch Gracie today, the gray female, and the tabby girl, just very young when I first met her.  They refused to relinquish her then, now they just don't want her and were going to leave her.  They finally agreed to take her brother, and the adult brown tabby male.  They had claimed all three were wild, as an excuse to leave them, but none are.

Why isn't it hard on him, or on the other camp host?   Why did they not even try to help?  Why did they even impede the effort?   Why were they so cruel to me?

It was lonely and horrible there tonight, to know, to understand, and to realize the heartless nature of my own species.  Happy Valentines Day.


  1. I just don't understand the way some people think. Will there be new camp hosts that might be more cooperative?

    1. Don't know, its a long drive for me to go up there.

  2. I wish someone would sterilize people like this, maybe euthanize the worst offenders.

  3. *TEARS* I agree with you and Darla. People are always the problem. Always. Every dog we have ever rescued has been a mess because of what people did. Every cat has been traumatized, too. Animals are always worth the effort. People...not so much. Thank you for being part of the solution, at least for some. Hugs, my friend.