Monday, February 20, 2017

So Long Arizona

Good luck kiddo!

Animal Rescue and Care Fund, a great Portland area rescue, had an opening with their lion tamer, a lady who tames feral kittens, so off I went, to deliver her Arizona, who was almost but not quite ready for the big show---adoption.

Arizona was the wildest of the three girls, of the litter of four, so I kept her to tame, while the colony caretaker's grand daughter has taken on taming Rum and Jamaica.

She started to tame the instant her sisters were gone.

I greatly appreciate them giving her a chance.   The ultimate goal, for her, was to tame her down so she could get a real home.  I will miss her energy here.  She is soooo fun!  Slinko will miss her too.  He not only played wildly with her, but wrestled with her also.  Him being about ten times heavier than she.  Or more.  He was gentle!

The night before, D and I set traps at her old place.  It's harder now, after thefts went on at the property and the gate got padlocked due to those thefts.   She has permission to be on the property to get the cats out.  We're almost done.   After setting traps, and returning very early, we caught two more.  In the porch trap, thankfully, finally---her beloved Gorgeous, a long hair girl, who hung out on the porch, with Handsome, a big already fixed tame Maine Coon, whom I caught last time I trapped there.  And we caught a mackeral tabby boy.

They will both be fixed Thursday at Heartland.  This pair makes 21 cats caught there now.   Two of the 21 caught are tame males---Handsome and Conrad.  She is working now to find a placement for Conrad.   One black male, Sheldon, got out of her garage, but is being fed in the neighborhood.  The first seven cats caught, I took to Meow Village right after they were fixed at the FCCO.  And one long hair older torti became very very ill, and this morning, is being sent across the rainbow bridge.    The rest are still in her garage, and she is building a cattery in the garage that will eventually connect to an outside contained cat yard too.  She's trying to do right by them and I admire this.  I don't see it often.

The Mackeral tabby boy

Gorgeous, Handsome's buddy, now caught, soon to be fixed

I heard the tame little Waterloo girl teen, left behind unwanted by the camp host who once claimed her, whom I trapped last Tuesday,  is now at CATS in Sherwood.  That's Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary---a wonderful place.  I think Julie took her there yesterday same time I was taking Arizona north to ARCF.  She probably passed me along the way.  I'm not a fast driver.

Oregon rain continues.   On and on.  Everything soaked and waterlogged, including my brain I think.  The Pineapple Express they call it, when front after soggy front hits us, coming straight across the Pacific.

I wish the Pineapple Express would drop something other than rain.   Like good fortune, or even pineapples or coconuts or.....sunshine!


  1. Arizona looks so cute in your pictures. She is going to make someone a good pet. You're doing good things for the cats as well as the people who get a chance to have them as pets. :)

  2. Poor older torti. But such good news otherwise! I hope the sun shows itself today. We're getting rain but my perennials and flowering bulbs can use it and I have an excuse to stay in and work on novelette rewrites (my partner was after me to visit the Air Force Museum - cool place but not as entertaining as my characters ~grin~ ).