Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bye Bye Titan

Titan is now up in Beaverton.   I took him up yesterday.  I left about noon.  Heavy traffic slowed my arrival at Poppa Inc. president's home.  I used to get all the fixing money from Poppa Inc.  They were good at making money and then the vets I used would send Poppa Inc. the bill.  It was such a great program because I could round up both feral and tame cats and kittens and get them fixed although the lack of affordable spay neuter clinics often meant long long drives with loads of cats, then days spent sleeping in my car somewhere.  Same as now.  Sort of.

Poppa Inc. closed their spay neuter mission a few years back and a couple years later, I formed Happy Cat Club, hoping to continue, although I knew I couldn't make the money for spay neuter like Poppa Inc. had been able to do, mainly through selling plants at Recycled Gardens.  HCC is now in its second fiscal year of existence.

As for Poppa Inc., they did not close down, but now run a sanctuary for all they cats they also, like me, ended up with, when fixing huge situations where many cats were in severe peril.   Keni still has many cats she took in from me.  I got to see some of them.

I saw Solo yesterday.  Solo was just a kitten when I trapped her in a backyard next to the 7-11 on Geary and Queen.  She'd been alone, as a kitten, and trying to survive by eating from the dumpster.

Solo, just after her rescue
I saw Lilith yesterday, originally one of many cats I TNR'ed at the same abandoned trailer in Millersburg, but who eventually got taken in by OCO, Odd Cat Out Sanctuary, and now lives as a house cat.  She is gorgeous and happy now, with long soft fur and a plume tail.

Lilith when in my bathroom before going north to OCO.
Titan was scared at first, but met the cats at the house bravely.  We then left to go out to eat.   It was so nice.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant.  The food was delicious!  We asked that our entrees be split so we could each have half of what the other ordered.   I ordered a burrito with green sauce and Keni had a chili relleno.   But they brought us each a chili.  It was too much food!

Afterwards we went to visit some friends of hers.  The first couple we went to visit, as rain poured down, was not home.  Then we went to see the woman who had adopted Foxy, a long hair Siamese abandoned as a senior in Albany.   I had fed him for awhile, then taken him to the north coast affordable clinic to receive care, and on the way home, dropped him off at Keni's.  She almost immediately adopted him out to Jo, who has given him excellent care.  Foxy has had many dental issues and also must take meds for hyperthyroid.  So nice to see him well fed, with soft fur, and happy.  It was also nice to meet his savior, Jo, who adopted him.  It takes a very kind heart to adopt senior kitties with medical issues.   Jo handed over a $50 donation to HCC, as well.  

Foxy is looking good!
We returned a video for Jo, on the way back to Keni's, at the Beaverton library. The trees were decorated into a fabulous forest out front as was the walkway.

Once back at Keni's I found Titan under a couch.  The little guy has gone through huge changes in the last week.  I know he's safe there and will be very well cared for.  Now to try to tame his wild thing siblings.  They will all be fixed Tuesday.

There are two all blacks--Rum and Jamaica, then Odessa, a black tux who looks just like Titan.

I had a great time, taking little Titan to Beaverton and seeing some old friends, human and animal.

Bye bye Titan!  Good luck.

I've also been getting rid of things I don't use or need.  I am not someone who keeps things around if I don't use them.   I don't like feeling crammed at all.   I found a camp hammock I'd gotten somewhere.  I'd never used it and discovered it is too flimsy to even consider for use as a human hammock.  I was going to donate it to a thrift store.  I also have all these books and very little bookshelf space.  I got the books in trips to the Hammond library when at the north coast clinic.  They have been getting ready to move from their adorable little building because of structural issues and have a constant book sale going.   Getting a grocery bag full of books for $5 has been too much for me to pass by.  But where to store them, once home, until I read them all.

So.....I came up with the book hammock!


  1. I am so pleased to hear that you had a pleasant day out.
    Love the decorations, and your hammock.
    Good luck Titan indeed.

  2. You are being very social. How many books before the hammock breaks? I like the lit trees, very bright and colourful. Foxy looks very contented in his old age.

    1. Yes, that was quite a social adventure for me. I often don't see people for weeks on end. The sudden overload wore me out. Now I'm obsessed, one more book, does it hold? Ok, one more!

  3. What a clever solution! I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Now I have a question. As far as hyperthyroidism in cats goes, do you have an opinion about radioactive iodine treatment? The side effects seem as risky as those from oral methimazole and I'd love to know your take on the matter.

    Thank you in advance. Happy holidays!

    1. I don't have much of an opinion at all, on the treatments. I've not had a hyperthyroid cat here, whom I've had to medicate, not yet.

    2. Thanks for letting me know. That's interesting. You have plenty to deal with without one more disease. Be well!