Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Boy and His Toys

Titan really got tame today.  When he discovered the joys of toys.

I wore him out!   He's leaving Saturday, for a Portland sanctuary, but he'll be in a private home.  Hopefully he will get his own home very soon.

A home full of toys!

Once Titan was purring in my arms and playing, one of the two black kittens became very very interested.  Next to come over, to the house kitten side?

It's funny how the two all black kittens stick together and Titan and his black tux sister, so far unnamed, stick together.

We were supposed to get a big winter event here, but we didn't get a lot of anything. Farther north in Portland, it wasn't snow that fouled things up but what came after---freezing rain.  Nothing like freezing rain to cause car wrecks.  One after the other.

Ice droplets on Cherry Tree

More Cherry Ice

We got a tiny dusting of snow


  1. Hooray for Titan.
    Love the icedroplets on the cherry.
    And your snow dusting looks much the way ours usually do.

    1. We never get much here in the mid valley.

  2. Pathetic snow. I want to see you bunkered down and trying to clear 6 feet of snow at your door. (with cats safely warm).

  3. I sure am glad you weren't in a wreck. And great video! It made me smile.

    1. We really had nothing going on here, as far as ice on the roads.