Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Breity, Bad Knee and More Waterloo

Breity, (I had been calling her Powder) one of the last five kittens Julie got out of Waterloo Residential colony, became very very ill.  She had a runny nose when Julie brought her, still in a trap.  That discharge turned to severe sinus congestion so bad I did not think she would survive.

The congestion did not come out in runny eyes or snotty nose.  It gunked up her throat and ran down the back of her throat instead.  This is often fatal.  It gets into the lungs.

This is the same type of cold old Electra got, over and over, until it killed her, filling her lungs.

Its too tiring in the end, to fight it, to keep it out of the lungs.

I pulled out my old vaporizer but it did not work.   I went and got a new one. These can be so helpful in loosening congestion.   She got fluids twice a day and since she wouldn't eat either, nutrical by syringe.

Then suddenly she was better, not all over it yet but mostly....

I named Breity for Breitenbush Lake in Oregon.

My knee has been bothering me so I've been resting, staying off of it.  Julie brought me a brace she used when she broke her right knee.  Then a friend of hers fell off a roof tearing his ACL and he used it. Then another friend who injured her right leg used it.  Now its my turn.   It does help.  I found a lighter brace to wear when driving.  Rest, the braces, ice, my knee is feeling much better.

So much better last night, stir crazy, cabin fevered, I went up to Waterloo and trapped four of six more to show up in the county park.  The good news is I caught four rather quickly.   The bad news is the two I didn't catch are a female teen and her mom.

Do I have appointments to get them fixed somewhere?  Nope.  I have been trying to get appointments.   Not easy around here to do.  Hope to hear from the FCCO today.   It's bad when a person must drive clear to Portland to get cats fixed affordably, but at least we have the FCCO up there.  Many states have nothing.

Lack of affordable easy access spay neuter is the limiting factor in keeping the cat population humanely under control.

Three of the four I caught--the gray tux, in the back, the brown tabby tux and the buff.  The fourth is a black tux.

I caught Tomtom again, the gray tabby male I took to be fixed last summer.   Ha!  I turned him loose.  I saw also both Bootsy and Indy, the two moms.  Between them, they had 12 kittens.  Heartland took Bootsy's six and Kristy and ARCF, in Lake Oswego and Portland respectively, took the six in from Indy.  I called them the little heathens.   Indy and Bootsy are doing well.

Bootsy, taken last night.  She's looking good.


  1. Glad your knee is feeling better.

  2. You really are a glutton for punishment.
    Look after yourself. Please.
    Glad that you were able to help that little girl.

  3. Hurry for Breity! And I'm so glad your knee is improving. Take care. Bless you, all your endeavors, and your charges.

  4. You take such good care of the cats...take care of YOU, too! Hugs.