Monday, October 10, 2016

Constipation--Not Just a Human Problem

Older cats have troubles like we do, sometimes.

Like constipation.

I wondered if that what might be affecting Panda.  I wondered it when I saw the Xray at the ER vet that showed an empty stomach, empty colon, except for gas, but stool in the small intestine.

I thought though if she was clogged so bad she wouldn't eat or drink and could barely walk, it would be fatal.

Nevertheless I began her on fluids by Saturday, knowing since she was not drinking she'd be dead soon without them.  And on vegetable oil, along with nutrical and baby food, via syringe.

Vegetable oil is the poor woman's stool softener.  It works well for that and as a lubricant.

With cats too.

Panda started peeing again finally yesterday and today, finally, she pooped.  A great big honking long dry one and instantly she was running around without any issues feeling good again.

I hope this will resolve all her issues.  I let her out of the foster cage which made her VERY happy.  She immediately went to eat, and later took a long drink at one of the water bowls which made me VERY happy.

I'll be watching her though.  I thought I had her problems resolved before, after trimming the hair matted at her butt.  So I'm not entirely confident now.

She'll be playing again soon I hope!  

Love you Pandi!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful news.
    Fingers and toes crossed her improvement continues.

    1. It is wonderful she is feeling better and I'm watching her like a hawk.

  2. That's such good news. I am so happy to hear that she's eating, drinking, and being active again. I can only imagine how happy it made you. Smiles all around.

    1. Well I'm still a bit worried there was an underlying reason she became dehydrated, constipated in the first place, like a dental issue.

  3. We're back in Lo de Marcos, Nayarit... I think of you every time I see un-neutered dogs wandering around. (don't see many cats) It's a macho thing here... males should be MALE. Hope Panda continues to do well....

  4. Nutrical gave my precious Luna many extra months of life, I'm sure. Good stuff. Well wishes to all of you, my dear. You're awesome.