Thursday, July 28, 2016

16 Cats, Kittens Helped at One Colony Since Saturday

Wow, I think to myself.  16 cats and kittens from one colony already helped in under a week.  Not bad.

Tuesday the 8th adult, Skittles, another female, trapped Saturday at the colony, was fixed, via Spay Inc.  I picked her up after her spay, since it happened in Albany, then drove her the next day out to Spay Inc., and picked up Toby, a gray tux kitten she had from the colony whom I trapped Saturday.  Toby is being fixed today at Heartland.
Skittles, yet another adult female, trapped at the colony on Saturday, now fixed and with Spay Inc.

Spay Inc. took Wolfy, a long hair gray kitten, the last one I trapped, to a clinic to be fixed yesterday, but I had to scrounge a voucher to pay for it, so I consider that my fix.  I picked her up after surgery.  She's here now and will stay with me, while I find somewhere for her to be seen, and adopted.  She's taming fast.  I renamed her Blooey.  So is Toby taming fast, so he'll stay with me too.

After dropping off Toby at Heartland, I went back to the colony, to try to trap the last female.  I never saw her, but I did see yet another kitten and trapped the black tux male.  I called Heartland who said they could do him, then ran over to the neighbors who once owned him.  They had already given permission to get him fixed if I caught him.  They said he'd gone wild on them.  But I wanted him to be chipped so I needed their information.  They are going to pay for his fix today.  I ran him back over to Heartland.
Mr. T, being fixed today, once tame, now a wild boy, but maybe he will tame down again, once fixed.  His owners hope so.

I'm feeling pretty good about helping 16 from one place in such a short time.  Spay Inc. has five of the seven kittens trapped and I have the two, the two now fixed.  And ready, for homes, although they are still on the wild side.

Toby and Blooey!  They are adorable....and need homes.

Toby, sweet, but still shy, little boy kitten, being fixed over at Heartland today

Blooey, an adorable girl kitten, now spayed too


  1. Wow! I'm thrilled to read this amazing accomplishment. Best wishes to all, my dear.

  2. It is not going to happen, is it, but it would be nice if you could do yourself out of your unpaid job by having all cats in your area fixed.

    1. I totally agree with Andrew. ~nods~ We can dream!

  3. Wow, wow and wow.
    As usual you have done better than good. Much better.

  4. You outdid yourself today! Lucky cats!!!