Tuesday, June 28, 2016

If Only I had an Ear Tip

If only I had an ear tip...

Like the cats get, when they get spayed.

Then I wouldn't have to right now be ordering records to prove to my brand new PC (Primary Care) NP, that I don't in fact have a cervix.  She'd check my ears, see the tip on the right one, and mutter "Oh, ok."

I had a hysterectomy way back when.  I don't recall the year, early 2000's.  It was the second surgery to try to stop horrendous endometriomes from growing all over me, some the size of grapefruits.  The second surgery was a total hysterectomy.

I did not miss those removed body parts.  Not at all.  In fact, the end of yearly PAP smears was something to celebrate!

Until, my PC NP (primary care nurse practitioner) decided she didn't want to be a PC NP anymore.  I got the letter.  Then I had to find someone else.  I went along with their immediate switch of me to some random new PC NP.

But the first visit was awkward, strange and went on and on, with no particular direction.  There were flaming red flags too.  She just didn't believe what I would say.  And countered things I'd say.  About my own body, not hers, mine.  She wanted me to schedule a PAP smear.  I said "no" I don't have a cervix.  I had a total hysterectomy."

But she didn't believe me and began scanning records but couldn't find a record of my surgery.  I thought she'd dropped it til I get a notice from her pop up through the online chart thing, that for preventive care, I needed to schedule a PAP smear.

I was beyond annoyed.   I am going to get those records, I said to myself.

The surgeons' records department got a laugh out of it.  When explaining why I called I said, "Well, I'm trying to prove to my new PC that I don't really have a cervix."

AFter the call I sat back and thought, 'I can't have a PC that doesn't believe me.' The question of whether I had a cervix or not was only one of several things that had upset me at the visit.   If your doctor doesn't believe you, omg, that's the basis for care.  There's no hope, I thought, with this one.

I never did get a call back from the surgeons' office about the records however.   I wonder if I will.  I wonder if I'll have to somehow prove I'm me, to them, to get them, if I ever do.  Or pay a fee.

 Life has become burdensome with the medical and insurance systems we have, what with all the expensive studies and reporting required, the mountains of paper work, and multiple layered insurance (medicare but under an HMO that's now under a CCO ((don't ask))) and I don't think its improved much of anything.

Maybe the paper pushers can figure out if I have a cervix or not.  Maybe they will convene a tribunal to discuss it.  The Does She or Doesn't She conference.  Call in experts.  Have lively debates.  Break for a ritzy catered luncheon. Commission further studies.

I think it should spawn a musical at the least.

If you don't believe me, doctor, I'm not going to believe you either.

Today I "broke up" with my new PC.  I did it in the cowardly manner of contacting my old PC, who quit.  I'll let her break the news.

Now I have to set up another blind date with a primary care provider.

I hate it.

I never did like blind dates.


  1. I would have done the same thing. It's SO hard to find a medical person you like!

  2. Dealing with cats is much simpler.

  3. Good luck. And you are so right. You need a doctor who listens to you, and one who believes you.

    1. I do need someone who believes me.

  4. There are other doctors (or equivalents) out there, so there's no need to stay with someone you don't like. I don't envy you starting over to establish a new relationship with your health care provider.

    Looking at the other side, I can imagine that your new person perhaps doubted whether or not you understood exactly what had been removed. Some people have a lot of ignorance about body things even their own. However, she could have agreed with you and asked if she could take a look to establish what your particular body looks like for future reference and satisfied her questions without treating you as if you were stupid.

    1. Yup, on all accounts. But the cervix question wasn't the only problem in the visit.

  5. Wow! I would be so annoyed. My long-term physician moved her practice too far away a few years ago. The doctor she recommended was okay at first, but a few things bothered me. Then the woman insisted I start getting blood tests every three months. Okay, fine, I thought. Then they told me I had hepatitis B in January of 2015.

    What?! I was devastated, worried my parents, spouse, or first love might have the infection un-diagnosed.

    Three months of exhaustive weekly blood work and other tests by a gastroenterologist finally proved the diagnosis wrong. Thank heaven I didn't contact that former boyfriend.

    So what happened a week later? The doctor's office wanted me to come in for more blood work. I promptly told them we would be moving out of state (a possibility at the time) and located another primary care provider. This woman took me in years ago when an insurance change forced me to switch. Glad she could accept me yet again, getting allergy medications prescribed has become oddly difficult. We shall see...

    May try yet another physician. He is a bit further away but has a good track record with a loved one.

    I wish you best of luck, my dear! Be well.

    1. "Oddly difficult" is a great phrase to describe finding a provider, so I can at least keep my bp meds coming. The HMO for medicare, had sent me this card, that they were trying to get ahold of me, had been for awhile, they said, although the card was sent from Florida, no less. I thought ok, I'll try to call them back, for help finding a provider, but the phone tree was impossible to get through, and finally, on hold for 15 minutes, I was instructed to leave a message. I knew they would not call back. I've not been called back about the records I requested either.

    2. Darla that is a horror story and awful. . I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    3. You're very kind. I think you've endured much worse. ~hugs~ This treatment is atrocious. Best wishes, my dear.