Friday, June 10, 2016

Drone Days

Today, I was out cleaning my car, and I hear something crashing from the maple, hitting branches, crashing further.

I thought a bird had died, a big bird, and was falling perhaps.

I run out because the thing is caught now on top of the cat yard wire.  I can't make out what it is and think it looks like a big sprinkler head.  But it's not.  It's this:

Drone falls from Maple
It's a drone, a very mangled and broken drone.  If that thing had fallen on me, instead of hitting the cat wire, it would have injured me.  So whomever was flying drones over my place, I think you're a fucktard.  There you have it.  What's left of your toy is in the garbage, where it belongs.

That's not all that fell from the tree today.  It got windy, and the gusts were making me worried over the maple branches.  Sure enough, suddenly, a branch shoots off and down across the top of my car.   More dents.

This is the branch this time that hurtled down and across my car.  I'm just glad it didn't break the car windows or hit me!
These two cats were fixed yesterday at Heartland, both from TP2 (Sweet Home trailer park number two I'm trying to fix).   I took back Bastille, the big gray tabby, this morning, but Zebra gets an extra day of R&R before her return tomorrow.
Bastille, who had severe ear mites, got that taken care of and was fixed.

Zebra, a little calico teen, is very pretty, now fixed and will go home tomorrow.
That makes 11 cats fixed from TP2 while another was relinquished and is now at a Beaverton rescue.

I mention my car a lot and how awful its become, the stench from hauling so many unfixed males to be fixed, the seat worn to metal, from its nearly 300,000 miles, mostly garnered hauling cats to be fixed.  It's really too bad cat trappers can't figure a way to get paid (but by whom) and have work vehicles, so we don't ruin our own cars.

Well I made a small improvement finally with the drivers seat.  It was so badly worn out, the foam padding worm and gone and on one side, bare metal was what I sat on.  I'd duct taped over the torn cover, stuffed more foam in, that would smush or roll out.  I was trying to find a way or someone to reupholster the seat when instead I found a used seat from a wrecked car like mine in Eugene, through B&R wrecking.  It was shipped up to their location here same day.  I picked it up last night and installed the seat this morning.

I can't believe the difference.  I'm riding high again and comfortable.  I LOVE IT!

Old driver's side seat, with duct tape attempts to cover the area where the cover was torn badly and foam gone, down to metal.
Took just a few minutes to take out the old seat and put in the one from the wrecking yard.  It's terrific!
My next project will be to replace the car carpet.  Been watching youtube videos!


  1. I am so glad you are riding high again. Removing the carpet has to help with the pong too. Good luck.

    1. I love the wrecking yard seat! Yes, getting new carpet in should help a LOT!

  2. I hate drones. They should not be considered a toy. I'm glad it got destroyed and didn't hurt you or anyone else (this time!).

    That's fantastic news about the seat! And well done on helping two more lovely animals. Best wishes, my dear.

    1. Thanks Darla. I hate drones too. Even the name, describes their annoying awful noise so well. I'm glad it was thoroughly destroyed when it connected with the tree also. Made my day to see a drone in pieces!

  3. A fitting end to the drone. You know it is 'them' trying to spy on you. Nice work with the car seat. I wouldn't know where to start to remove one, but I suppose you just undo some bolts.

  4. Like everything else you do, it is incredible that you have kept your car running for 300,000 miles. I hope you get many more as your ride in more comfort.

    1. Me too, I don't have a lot of other options hanging around, for transportation, been a great car!

  5. Nice Job! Now you won't have springs or whatever poking you in the butt ;-) I've driven vehicles that I've seen the road passing by through the holes in the floor, but so far, haven't had seating problems (maybe I have enough upholstery myself ;-)...... Drones... still kind of new to me, but I wouldn't have a bit of a problem shooting one down with my pellet gun if it were invading my privacy.