Monday, April 25, 2016

Back to the Trailer Park, Back to the FCCO

I was back at the Sweet Home trailer park, to get more cats on Saturday.

The weather was bleak, with down pours.  And thunder storms.

What else is new.

Picked up ten cats in all.  Plus five kittens.  I had nine or so, more than I figured we'd have, but the woman there who had requested help, really came through in grabbing cats Saturday.  Plus I'd walked through part of the park talking to anyone who would answer their door about if they knew of cats needing fixed.

When I picked up one little boy kitten, fed out on a deck, I saw through her yard to another trailer, off another road, and kittens all over that porch.  I drove around til I found that trailer, and saw not only kittens, but lots of other cats.  Someone answered the door, and I asked if they would like to get these cats fixed.  The man said yes, he would, but would not let me take one very pregnant female, not yet anyway.   I asked about the kittens, could I take them, and he said "yes" that otherwise he tries to give them away in front of Walmart.  I took all five and their mom, who would be fixed and returned.  I had  no more space to grab two year old gray brothers, wrestling in the grass.  They don't want those two either.
Young male fixed yesterday.
Lactating mom cat fixed yesterday.

I called Heartland to ask if by any chance they could take the kittens, and thank goodness, they said they could.  So after I got home with the ten to be fixed, plus the five kittens, unloaded the adults, I took the five kittens over to Heartland.

There was a gray tabby kitten, a brown tabby and 3 black tux kittens.

Their mom is gray and peering over them.  Sorry about the photos, my camera battery was nearly dead and the lens dirty.
These four boys were all fixed yesterday from around one trailer.  One black, one white, one brown tabby and one gray tabby tux.

This is the same gray tabby as the photo above it. Just a different view.

Then from another trailer, the Thunderbird trailer I call it, to keep things straight in my brain, a young muted torti was fixed plus a young black male who turned out to be a crypt orchid (one testicle up inside his body).

They have this already fixed kitty too (photo below) plus feed the black tux male fixed two weeks ago.

A 2nd gray tabby tux male was also fixed yesterday, a handsome fellow, hand grabbed by the woman who wanted help at the trailer park.

This big orange guy was fixed also....., the third orange tabby fixed from the trailer park.

They're all back home now.  I have tons of laundry to do, traps and carriers to clean, but my exhaustion is tempered by happiness, at having helped get 10 more fixed and the kittens to Heartland.   There are more needing fixed there, for sure, but what a great start.

I want to say thank you to Heartland Humane in Corvallis for taking the kittens.  They'd already taken in Benji, a gray tabby male, from the trailer park.  I also would like to thank the FCCO (Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon).  They have so far fixed 17 of the trailer park cats, and I've not gotten a dime in donations to hand them in return.   Gosh darn thank you!

If you would like to donate to help me get the rest fixed, click the Donate button at the top right. It costs money to drive back and forth to Sweet Home then to Portland, to pay for food and bait, laundry, and I'd sure like to give a few dollars to the FCCO when they fix them.  Anyhow, I'd appreciate it, and so would the cats and people of that Sweet Home trailer park.


  1. Beautiful kitties... so glad that man allowed you take them. And the mama won't have to provide him with more trips to Walmart!

    1. They are gorgoues, stunning, many of them. Yeah, nothing good for the kittens comes from handing them out free at Walmart usually.

  2. Wow, you got so many with this trip. I hope your next trip is as successful (with minus the rain, of course.)

    1. Was really happy to get so many Saturday, and the kittens. I also hope to get more next time around. You should have seen the hail storm that hit, just as I arrived back home yesterday. My goodness, was something!

  3. Well done! I hope you get some rest.

    1. All rested up! I managed this trip a little better than the one two weeks ago.

  4. You deserve a good rest! As soon as I'm earning, you can be assured I shall send you what I'm able.

    1. THANKS! You are a sweetie!