Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Three Cats Fixed Today

Took three cats to be fixed today--Opie, Lulu and Puma.  Even low cost spay neuter is spendy in this area.

For the three, it cost $120.  I'm supposed to get copays from two of the caretakers, but I'm never sure they will come through.  I hope they do.   I like to believe people are honest.  One had promised to have it when I picked up the cat, then didn't which is a bad sign.  I hate it when people do that.

But she says she will have it tomorrow when I take her cat back.
Lulu, an Albany girl, fixed today.

Opie, Albany boy fixed today

Trying to stretch every dime of Happy Cat Club money.  We do not get many donations and funds are quite low.  I am trying to figure out something to sell to make money.  I am so uncomfortable with online begging.  It's a popularity contest.  But if you want to donate, the donate button is up there at the top on the right.

All donations go to fixing cats, cat food, litter and medical care.  When I say all money, you better believe it.  I'm frugal as hell.

I'm the woman with three pairs of pants and one pair of regular shoes.  No frills in my life.  Except my rubber raft and summer's coming and I hope my car keeps on going so I can drive up to the lake and row it around.

I had run into the colony feeders down there where I already helped out five boys.  I had taken away the food they'd left for the pregnant white female to try to trap her again.  Spent hours there Saturday to no avail.  The pouring rain didn't help any.

When they asked where the food was, I said "In my car, because she needs caught and fixed and off the streets.  Please catch her."  They can pick her up.  So they said they would but they have said that before and I handed them a carrier but my advice to back her in instead of trying to cram her in head first was ignored and she got away.  They said to loan them my carrier and they'd get her, so I did.  But have I heard from them again?  No.   And they have my carrier.  It makes me angry.  She is very very pregnant.

To just put out food and not fix the cats or get the tame ones into better lives isn't right.

For me to sit there for hours, when they can pick her up if they would make that effort, isn't right either.  I feel for that poor cat.

Will I get my carrier back?  If I don't, I will report it as theft.

One of the two boys from there, Einstein, whom I took to Heartland, got a home, I was told today.  Made me happy.

Einstein was adopted
Astro, who is the sweetest boy, all white, is still waiting at Heartland for a home.  Astro is likely Snowball's sister.  Snowball is the lonely pregnant stray still down there.


  1. Poor babies! Maybe you should hold a class?

    1. If I were not so public shy.....but am.

  2. Three more and counting... Frustrating but great work you're doing!

    1. Always good to get three more done.

  3. Those three done, is so many more lives not condemned to misery. Well done. And I do hope you get your precious carrier back.