Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mr. Attitude

I've had over 50 unfixed cats come through my yard, since moving here, but I'd never seen this guy before he ended up in a trap I unloaded last night and left out, inadvertently, still set from trapping down town.

And caught this guy, whose attitude is very very sour.

He hisses, growls, strikes at me and I ignore him and pass him in food, which he gobbles as he growls.   I talk baby talk to him and sprinkle catnip.

Sweet Mad Max, a gracious kitty caught at the down town colony, is now growling too, but he wasn't before I moved Ghandi up next to him.  I hope naming him Mr. Really Bad Attitude---Ghandi, will help turn him peaceful, but I doubt it.

But neutering him might.


  1. A little Benadryl might help until he's neutered.

  2. Oh the difference. I suspect most human males would tell you that neutering them would make their attitude get worse...
    Somedays I have my doubts.

    1. Some attitudes are just born into a cat or person, but some, are hormone propelled. Let's hope he is of the latter ilk and soon will be attending peace rallies.