Monday, March 14, 2016

Boy Cat Day

Today two cats went up to be neutered at Willamette Humane's spay neuter clinic.  Mad Max, a sweet long hair black tux, from the Geary street colony.   He's shy but really tame.  He needs a new place to call home. Too many cats down there, many of them not fixed.

Mad Max, neutered today
Ghandi, the accidental trap from my yard, and number fifty something in the unrelenting count of unfixed cats coming through my yard, whom I've gotten fixed, also was neutered today.  He got a long lasting antibiotic injection to help him out from all his fight wounds.

He's much nicer when in anesthesia haze.  I like him even better anesthetized.


I also took Einstein (I renamed Machiatto Einstein) also from the Geary St. colony, over to Heartland, where he'll go on stray hold and if no one claims him, be up for adoption.

He's too smart for his own good.  He can open doors with door knobs, and maybe has other skill sets.  He also likes to eat with his rear end half still laying down.  Is that lazy or what?

He's a very long cat and very loving too.

Einstein, now at Heartland Humane
So it was a boy cat day.  Now four have been helped from that Geary street colony.  I wish it could have been more by now, but its not an easy situation there.  First it was Astro, the tame white unfixed male, whom Heartland took in.  Then it was Maurice, who, turns out, had an owner, but he is now fixed and chipped to that owner.  Then it was Einstein, also now at Heartland, and finally Mad Max, neutered today and in limbo, til I find him a place to go.  Ghandi was just an accidental add on.  But what a good catch.  Poor boy has been fighting and breeding for years.  Time now to kick back and lighten up, Ghandi.

I am extremely grateful to Heartland Humane for all the help they give us over here in Linn County, where we really have no services for cats.  (Heartland is over in Benton County).   Taking in Astro and Einstein, and before that, Char, is a huge relief to me, that the boys will get a chance at better lives.  If anyone has spare change they can donate.......

Click here to go to Heartland Humane's donate page.

If you do donate, add a note and say thank you to them, for helping out Char, Astro and Einstein, to name only the latest cats they've taken in to find homes.  And if you're looking for a charmer cat, smart to the bone---go see Einstein.  If it's a sweetheart purr baby, kind as a kind can be, you're looking for, Astro may be the cat of your dreams.   Off the streets and into your arms!


  1. As always, you have done good.
    I so hope you have also got a little rest.

    1. Easy day actually, nap too. Ghandi is on his fourth can of wet food. He hisses at me while he eyes the empty dish. Of course I add another can.

  2. I like all cats, but Einstein has won my heart for some reason. He and the other boys are lucky you found them.

    1. Einstein is really wonderful. Mad Max I think, once in my bathroom for assessment, is too wild to be home boy material and will go back home. He's getting plenty to eat. He's a 9 lb boy.

  3. Some people are like Ghandi, better anesthetized. Good work!

    1. Thanks Andrew. Yes, a lot of people are better endured under anesthesia.