Sunday, February 28, 2016

B-day and Other Baloney

I'm getting old.  I get senior discounts now, have been for awhile.

How strange that feels.  I still feel the same inside.

Big Birthday coming soon, real soon.  Number 60.

I got a birthday package in the mail, from a friend in Washington state.  She adopted a kitty from me long ago and so did her cat loving sister, who lives down in Eugene. The package contained all my favorite peppermint items, like peppermint coffee, lip gloss and candy.

How nice it feels when someone remembers my birthday.

Peppermint bars, lots of them from my Washington state cat loving friend and Happy Cat Club supporter!

She crocheted the flowers and put them on a string.  How creative!  
I've done my own thing on my birthdays all my life.  I used to have one beer by the river.  I'd never do that here.  There's too many drug addicted homeless here near the river.  Not safe.

But I'm trying to think of something I might do for myself to celebrate this year, since it's kind of milestone thing.  Seems almost wrong to say "do something for myself".

Something cheap.

I don't do massages or nail salons or even hair salons.   Those kinds of things make me very uncomfortable.   I've cut my own hair for decades.

I'll keep thinking on it.

Speaking of hair, time to start cutting down on it here.  I have a bunch of overly haired cats.

Prime number one offender:  Angel.  I have to cut her hair three times a year.  She has a horrid fine undercoat that then mats.  Can take all day, with breaks to get it cut down.  My equipment is rather primitive and she's not exactly completely tame.

Just some of the hair from Angel's last clip job.

Miss hair factory herself, unhappy, after one clip job.

Then there is Misty, with a massive ruff who is miss hiss and spit fire dragon when I try to clip her.

Hairy Misty
And Hawkeye, of the Olson Lane colony.   Ultra hairy!

I generally clip Panda and Soloman too.  They're an older sweetie brother and sister, more medium than long hair, but it can help to get them all trimmed down, to cut down on the floating hair blobs in the house and in keeping hair off cat furniture.  Besides, compared to Misty, Hawkeye and Angel, they're easy.

Semi hairy Panda

Hairy Soloman
Panda and Soloman are senior citizens, like me!  And just like me, they can hiss and spit up a storm, when its called for.

I'm still caring for the three Lebanon cats, two of whom were fixed last Thursday.  Yesterday, a friend in Portland with Animal Rescue and Care fund, drove a relocation cage all the way down from Gresham.  Now that is dedication.  We set it up partially at the new house of the cats' owners.  They are just moving in.

There has been limited communication from them, probably due to their moving hell.  But its not been so easy here to care for them in my garage.  Two of the cats are feral, one is tame.   I don't have a lot of space in the garage for holding cats.  Today I joined up the two cages I've had them in so they could have a bit more room and be all together, since they are well acquainted.
Gypsy, the adult wild thing female

Garfield, the tame male.  I've had Gypsy's little boy, Benny, in with Garfield and they cuddle so sweetly!

So far its cost a bit over $100, much of that gas costs, in traveling to Portland with the two needing fixed, the food and litter costs here, and the $40 donation to the FCCO for fixing them.  Nothing is free.

The cage brought down is awesome.

They barely noticed we brought the cage yesterday, because of all the moving I think.  Moving can be hell, that is for sure.  Looked like they had loads of help at least.

Those white cats I posted about the other day, I have not trapped them.  A new-to-rescue person had been the one contacted about the situation and was going to take them in, but signaled she had somewhere for them to go without them being fixed and I have rules of engagement with cats.  I don't hand off cats unfixed.  That's a recipe for more cats being born, which we don't need around here or anywhere.

So I bowed out of that.  Lack of communication was a problem and I'm nobodies servant to just go trap cats and hand them off without any knowledge of what's going to happen to them, especially not unfixed.

However, if she hasn't gone and taken them out of there, and I don't know if she has or hasn't, that's a problem too. Then they would remain there, unfixed, to breed.  Since they're being fed, I may just go TNR them myself, so it gets done.

So many things need done, the cat clipping, need to build that fence along the north side, before that house gets sold, although it looks for all practical purposes, abandoned, even by the bank and the real estate company that told me they are selling it for the bank.  I found the cause of the water leak in the car causing levels to keep dropping in the radiator.   It's an open drip hose, from the heater core. Comes out of of the dash, in the engine compartment, way back.  It will drip all night long.  It's supposed to drip out condensation but not drip constantly, when the car isn't even running.  My brother says it could be a hose leak or it could be the heater core going bad.  Either way, means tearing apart the dash to figure it out so I'm just adding water to the radiator to compensate for now.   One day, it will need addressed.

I will leave you, on this dreary gray blustery Sunday, with Slinko's photo of the day.  I have a facebook page called A Home for Slinko and post a modified photo of him every Sunday.   I call it Surreal Slinko Sunday (SSS for short).


  1. Not getting the cats fixed doesn't do them, or anyone else any favours.
    A very happy birthday to you.
    I hope you find a patch of water that you can sit beside and eat chocolate...

    1. Haha, my weakness, water and chocolate. Among other things. It's a necessary step in rescue, to get them fixed first, that's for sure. And I have my rules in that regard, because it is THE most important step.

  2. Happy Birthday to you! You've made me very thankful I have shorthair cats.

    1. I would love to bring you some long hairs, Kathy, maybe about four?

  3. Happy Birthday... chocolates... yummy! I had a friend back in Ohio who used the hair she brushed from her dog to either make it into yarn or weave it in projects... can't remember which. But her dog would go crazy when she'd wear that vest.... just think what you could do with cat hair ;-)

    1. Eck, I can't imagine a dog hair vest or a cat hair one. I have allergies enough to control!

  4. I think everyone could take a lesson from you and remember to do something nice for themselves on their birthdays and other times too. Sometimes people forget to do that.

    Good luck with the fur trimming. I have a hard enough time just trimming claws. I'm glad I don't have any cats that need their hair trimmed too.

    1. Well, I hope I can think of something to do on my birthday. Other than be locked away in this house alone all day. I'm trying to think of somewhere to go I might enjoy.

  5. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Strayer! The big 6-0! Please please do something nice for yourself. If anybody deserves it, it's you. Isn't there something you've been wanting? There has to be!

    1. Yes some shoes, went looking yesterday. Again, nothing my size. But I haven't given up. Hobby Lobby was closed yesterday and I'm going there today, in search of shoe leather, to make my own. Been designing them in my mind.