Thursday, January 28, 2016

Neutered and Still Stinky

Ninja, the big male trapped last Monday morning, who has been residing in a garage cage since then, was neutered today.   He got the Feral package at Heartland.

Lordy, does he ever have the strongest smelling male urine ever.  It makes my eyes water.

I've been trying to mitigate the effects of that smell, on my cats' behavior, by sprinkling lavender oil all over the garage.  But even lavender oil doesn't cover it.

My cats go a little bananas at the smell of unfixed male.  But this isn't just any unfixed male smell.  This is the mammoth bone of unfixed male stink.

I had to work in "mammoth" because mammoth bones just got dug up over in Corvallis, at Reser stadium, or whatever they call it now, the football arena.   Used to be Parker Stadium.  I can't keep up with the name changes.  Name changes I think come with money attached.  I'm guessing anyhow.

Construction workers were enlarging the stadium when they dug those up along with other animal bones from way back when.    I want to see them. I suppose because of my highly active imagination that can immediately immerse me into scenarios.  I have to have the imagination on overdrive because my life is otherwise extremely boring.

The mammoth bone discovery was brilliant, a different kind of story, upbeat and interesting, than the one involving the wildlife refuge takeover criminals, now all gone but four.  Heavy snow or freezing rain, should it come, should do the trick in getting them gone.

We don't like people destroying our public places here.  Malheur is a treasure and to see these folks defecate on it basically has been painful.

Public places are the only places we have, you see, where we can be free anymore.   When everywhere is private property, gosh darn, what restricted tiny lives we'd then live.  Hurrah for public lands!

So yes, Ninja, the wild boy, is back.  Freshly neutered.  Eating already, sleeping off the anesthesia, which sounds pretty good to me right now, anesthesia that is.

He's supposed to go home tomorrow.  About time.  I usually never hold a wild male this long for anyone, just to be fixed.   The smell causes such disruptions.  But sometimes, it must be done.  We survived.


  1. He will stop smelling after his neutering?

    1. Yes, but it can take awhile, a month or more.

  2. Oh yes. That smell is eye-wateringly powerful. And horrible. And makes ours do their very best to overlay it with their own.
    I wonder whether male mammoth piddle melted walls?

    1. Oh my gosh, EC you would make me wonder about that, wouldn't you? LOL. Now that is not a pleasant imaginary smell overwhelming me currently.

  3. Mammoth bones, that is exciting! I hope you get to see them.

  4. He may be snowy but he sure has beautiful markings!
    Hope you get to see them mammoth bones those sound really cool.