Friday, January 15, 2016

Former Yard Stray Studley is Missing, in Keizer

I saw a post on my facebook feed this morning.  Not only did the cat in the photo make me jump with recognition, but so did the photo of him.  The photo was mine.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind one bit it's being used.

In the spring of 2014, Studley showed up in my yard and never left.  He was a pee marking machine and extremely thin.  He had a very very old cracked flea collar around his neck causing him great stress.  It had created sores and was rubbing into his neck.  He'd grown since it was put on.

So I caught him and he was very sweet and tame, albeit it super skinny.  Rather than search for a possible owner myself, I asked Heartland if they could take him.  They did.  He went on stray hold but no one ever claimed him. That was in late May of that year. And they adopted him out by middle of June.  I was happy.

Then he popped up on Lost and Found Pets of Corvallis and Benton County near the the 4th last year.  He was lost.  I posted photos of him there, that I had, including this one.

That's Studley in my driveway staring at me, before he went to Heartland.  He came home that time he got lost, to his owners after a few days, wasn't gone long.

 Now this same photo is being used to try to find him again.  Somehow he got out of his owners car in Keizer.  Whether his owner lives in that area now, I don't know, or why he was free roaming in a car and got out, I don't know either.  But he's missing.  She calls him Donald and she really loves him.  He'll always be Studley to me.

Link to a post about him missing on craigslist.

The above link won't remain valid forever, but please share it on your social media especially if you live in the mid valley.  He's a very loved cat with his  owner.  And he is also an awesome cat.

Speaking of which, I took in three cats yesterday to Heartland to be fixed.  Two, one boy and one girl, were kittens from Lebanon.  The third was a big gray tabby boy fed as a stray in Albany.  I set a trap for the woman feeding him.  Didn't take long and he was in it and not happy either.

He acted out badly in the trap, hissing and striking, did the same at Heartland, but he's not feral.  He was once owned somewhere but its been awhile.  He turned out FIV positive, as is the norm in Albany.  FIV (Feline Aids) is epidemic here where so many people don't fix their males and let them roam unfixed.  They fight, getting and spreading FIV in the usual way--through bite wounds.

He also had eye issues.  He'd blink painfully and not want to open them.  I immediately suspected the condition where the eyelashes brush the eyes.  I asked Heartland if they ever did surgery to pull them out.  I was given sort of a vague answer, that usually they need to be completely tame because they have to wear a cone.

But when I went over to pick him up, after his neuter, they'd done the surgery, a very fine job of it too, neat rows of tiny stitches beneath both eyes.  He got the nip and tuck procedure, where they flip out the lids to pull the lashes off the eye, and all for $40!  I could not believe it.  I was happy for the cat.

I asked Heartland if it was Christmas, because they didn't charge me for the kittens either and just $40, for all the services Nothobbs received.  I said "it must be Christmas".  They just smiled.

The people who care for the big guy call him Nothobbs, because they had a friend who lost her boy.  Her boy was named Hobbs, but turned out this cat was not lost boy Hobbs.  So the name stuck---Nothobbs.

Nothobbs, before his neuter and eye surgery

Below are photos of the two kittens from Lebanon who got fixed also.

They are darling kittens and the woman is trying to adopt them out along with others, with KATA at the Albany Petco.

It's still raining in Oregon.  Every day more of it, and the weather forecast is bleak, bleak, bleak.  Rain every day for the next week.  At least.

I hope Studley/Donald is found soon.  Poor boy, on his own again, in unfamiliar territory.


  1. I hope that Studley/Donald can be found too. Which would make this a completely good news post.

    1. I hope he's found too. That'd sure be nice.

  2. I hope Hobnobs appreciates his good luck in having people care about him. Studley has interesting colours. I'm sure he will turn up soon.

    1. That's a better name than Nothobbs, Andrew. I'm going to text those folks and suggest it right away. He is darn lucky! Hopefully Donald will turn up soon. He's quite social and awesome, hard to miss if he came begging, like he did here originally.

  3. I hope Studley is found soon and in good health. Do you keep records of all the cats you come in contact with or do you just have a phenomenal memory as you seem to recall all of them, their names, and where you found them.

    1. I do have quite the memory for cats, and maybe other things too. Probably an OCD nature underneath in some ways. I do have great records but mostly they're in my brain.

    2. The excessive memory I have is both a blessing and a curse.

  4. Nothobbs is a lucky guy to have found you! I sure hope Studley is found. I agree with live and learn up there - you have an amazing memory to remember all these cats!

    1. Thanks Dawn, me too on Studley.