Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Useless Shoulder

I keep thinking I'm 40.

I'm not 40.  I'm much older.  I won't say how much older.  Just...lots older.

However, my brain thinks I'm 20.  My body knows it is not 20.

This morning, my body really let me know how badly I screwed up.

I was simply washing dishes, over the sink, when something "gave".

It was just below my neck I felt this sudden give, but the pain shot into my right shoulder blade.  I didn't move at first.  I thought I might have dislocated something.  I've dislocated my shoulder before.  After all.

Then I realize I could move, but if I moved certain ways, there would be an instant of no pain, before it built slowly and grew into a deep groaning awfulness.

Turning slightly, bending over, twisting even slightly to the right, turning my head to the right while slightly bending, raising my right arm, breathing in while turning certain ways---all these movements illicit groans, screams, moans and some cursing.

Onto the internet I go, looking up shoulder anatomy.  I believe I pulled my rhomboid, either the major or the minor.   Six weeks it can take to heal.  Rest, ice, heat, anti inflammatories.....fricking no!

UPDATE:  Suddenly tonight, sitting here, I turned my neck slightly and terrible popping sounds went off in it, a shooting awful pain, after which, I seem to be fine.   How strange is that?  I think I got something out of place, that snapped back into place, like a tendon or ligament, whatever those are.  I shouldn't say for sure, because maybe the Aleve is kicking in or something, but I can bend again, raise my arm, turn my head.  Happy!

Been doing too much.  I was already knowing something was failing yesterday, when I took up the kittens.  I even asked if someone might be available to haul the two boys up the stairs, as they were in one carrier.  There was someone who could help, but I couldn't find the person, and I thought to myself, "no problemo".  Later, I followed a volunteer to Costco, since they needed supplies at the sanctuary, but she did not have time to drive back with them.  I helped load those too, then unload them.

But prior to yesterday, I got involved in projects here that required lots of lifting heavy objects.

Scored this 12 inch 10 foot long vent pipe at Habitat. I saw it there, and could not leave it after I saw it.  I've been looking for a 12 inch vent pipe for a long time, to make an easy cat run out of.   Got someone with a pickup to drive it here. Course I hauled it around single handed too. By now I have already spray painted it and cut window holes with that $5 jigsaw I got years ago at Habitat.  Lined the hole edges with Dollar Store decorative duct tape.  Got carpet scraps at Habitat to line it with.  I was all set to hang it, along the fence outside today, as an awesome cat run.   Might sit for awhile now, in the garage.

How Awesome will this be, as a cat run, if my shoulder ever heals that is.
I also removed the old carpet from my homemade cat tree and put on new carpet.  Carpet is from the Habitat Restore too.   So cheap there.  Huge rolls for a few bucks.  Rolls that are heavy and awkward to carry.
Bored now, unable to do much of anything but complain, I have been contemplating new uses for the old cat wheel.  I moved it out when I got the new bed frame and since that whole project made me sore for weeks, I never did anything with the old cat wheel, but remove it from its stand.

It's kind of a catch all now, in the garage.
But the garage is a one car affair and can't hold all these projects long.  I've not wanted to take it apart.  I'm so attached to it.  What about, I thought this morning, with all this extreme rain, what about turning it into a power generator.  I just add paddles, an alternator, belt and battery!   I can use my car battery!  What a great idea, eh?  How will I drive my car?  Don't complicate my plans with details please.  I'll detach a downspout and set it up under the hole in the gutter.

I have another idea.  A cat Ferris Wheel.  I'll put it back on the stand but extend the stand higher and attach small carpeted (for traction) cat shelves with leveler hardware.  I'll crank it round and round, once the cats load up for the ride.

Tickets please!

Or, I will turn it upside down, like a like a yard umbrella, and switch the wheel mount bracket I use so it turns to the inside, and mount it to a post in the yard and hang plants, wind chimes and bird feeders from each angle.  I could put some wind fins on its top, so it would turn in the wind.

I like the last idea.  That one I may implement.  If I ever heal that is, enough to do anything but moan when I move.


  1. Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

  2. I think you answered your own question. You are doing too much. Sometimes it pays to think about what you are going to lift and how you are going to it. Did any cats ever play with the wheel?

    1. You are right, Andrew. As for the wheel, Old Deaf Miss Daisy loved it, but mostly if chasing a laser pointer. A few others took spins too. But, it turns out, cats don't like to run in circles for no reason, like we do and as hamsters do. Maybe teenagers or kittens would enjoy it, but not my troop of middle agers. Running endlessly and getting nowhere seems to not be a cat thing.

  3. Sometimes our bodies have been trying to tell us to rest for a while. And when we ignore them they make it impossible for us to ignore them any longer.
    I hope you heal quickly. And that the enforced rest doesn't send you bat-shit crazy.

    1. bat shit crazy. I think I have visited that exotic locale before. The Aleve has set in. Maybe the bat shit crazy too, because I sat in my car in my garage this evening singing an ode to Aleve.

  4. You have a fertile and creative mind. That's why you get so much done--besides the hard work. I'm happy that Aleve is working for you.

    1. Yes. that I do. I have fun with that too. The Aleve, and last night muscle relaxant, working well, plus the ice packs. Feeling better.

  5. Oh, no! This sort of pain is the last thing you need. Take care of yourself. And you're so clever, always re-purposing things in amazing ways.

    1. I know, right? It's much better, however, with Aleve and have done really nothing yesterday or today, to rest it. I can bend over now, with not much pain, in fact.

    2. Please try to keep up the rest until you are healed fully as possible. I know that's tough though. ~grin~ Be well.

    3. I'm trying. Hard here, with so much work daily that must be done. I am doing it slowly, however, taking all day to do what used to be 3 hours of chores.