Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Neighbor's House at Auction Today

The neighbor's house is up on the sheriffs auction today.  I was going to add a photo of it, but blogger won't let me add photos today. When I try to upload, it says server rejected.  Whatever that means.  I finally got a photo to upload!

Minimum bid on the house, however is probably more than it is worth, at over $161,000.

I hope nobody bids.  Dealing with new neighbors is more than I can handle right now.   Since my garage is out back and his out front, means we share the back more than any other houses on the block.  I didn't mind that with Jack, as he was nice enough, even with the heavy drinking.   He was nice to me.

However, I know its tough to get a good neighbor, one without constantly barking dogs or other things (car collections in various repair states are huge in this area), since I spend a lot of time in the garage and yard area which is, due to the differences with house placement, right next to his yard.

The people on the other side of him built a huge high new fence along their border with the property just after he died, which was smart.   I thought I should probably do the same, but money issues and labor to do that with my bad shoulder, neck, back were prohibitive.  And the fact part of it would have to go in through the concrete of the driveway.   Plus I don't really like fences.

If I get a bad neighbor, I'll have to do that, however.

We shall see if anyone bids on it today.  Be interesting, at the least.

Still no heat here.  Was a frustrating day yesterday.  First I called to find out when they'd be here to repair the furnace and was told by the woman who answered the phone the part had not arrived but they would call me when it did.  Next thing I know, the technician is calling me, afternoon by now, says he's outside my house and needs to write down the part numbers again.  I let him in to do that, even though he'd done so Friday and I thought, ordered the parts needed on Friday.  Guess not.   He leaves.   Later I call him again, asking him when the furnace will be fixed.  He still has not ordered the parts at that point and cannot be pinned down on the when.  Frustrated to tears, I call my brother, who then calls the repair people himself and finally gets them to say it will be Wednesday.  He pays them for the parts too, and now its gone up to nearly $700.  I sure hope it will be fixed tomorrow.

In the meantime, I got a surprise on my doorstep!   A very nice infrared space heater.  From Barb, in Nebraska!   She ordered that after my furnace broke and it came so quickly, far quicker than the part, apparently, which is in Washington state, needed for the repair.  Too bad the part needed couldn't be ordered off Amazon!


With it and the other two space heaters I went and bought, the house is now in the mid 60's.   It is so nice to be warm again but I do worry about the electric bill to come.

I owe my brother big time.  I was so distraught over the cost of the repair I didn't sleep night before last, tossing and turning and trying to figure out ways to come up with at least part of the money needed for repair, so my brother wouldn't have to take the hit all himself.  But he would have none of it, and told me that helping out his sister is part of being a brother.


  1. Love your brother.
    I hope it is fixed early Wednesday.

  2. Your brother's reaction brings tears to my eyes. Why on earth did that jerk not order the part? Baffling behavior. So sorry you're dealing with all this. Good luck with the neighboring house. I feel for you.

    1. It did me, too. I don't know what is going on, or why he didn't order the part Friday or anything. No clue. But I hope its fixed tomorrow.