Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Day Six No Heat

It's almost 10:00 a.m., no contact from the furnace repair people.

I'm not sure what to do or think.

Day six without a furnace.   Using the space heaters but I know how they suck the current, so that makes me worry too, but nothing can be done about it.  I'm keeping the house in the low 60's, which sure beats what it was over the weekend, the ice box I called it.

I guess I imagined you call the repair people and they fix the furnace.  That's not how they work.  It's all shrouded in mystery and diversions and no communication.

I had no better luck at the doctor's office yesterday.  I was to go in for a five minute medical assistant bp check, after my meds were changed.  This appointment was made a month ago.  Nothing is that easy anymore.

I go in, arrive a bit early, check in, then I wait.  And wait.  And wait.  People come, are called in, come out and leave.  Finally, after waiting 50 minutes, I go to the check in desk, and the woman wants to check me in again, for unknown reason, but finally the woman next to her says "I checked her in and she's one of ****** patients".  She'd stated my doctors name (asterisked out).   This seemed to be an office politics thing, with me taking the shit for something with the long wait, not sure what, maybe a beef, they have with my doctor.  Just guessing.

At any time, they could have told me, my appointment had not been recorded, so I would need to reschedule or wait a very long time.  But they didn't.

I tell them I need to leave because I have to be somewhere else.  They claim some other medical assistant will take my bp, ignoring my statement that I had to leave for another appointment.  I wait another five minutes, which I should not have done after telling them I had to leave,  til she comes out and following her back tell her I need to leave now, that I had told them that at the front desk, and it would be no good to check my bp as I am stressed now, over waiting so long, and having to be somewhere else on time.  So I just leave because this is all very silly.

 I just wanted to get my bp checked to see if the new dose is doing good and be out of there.  Didn't happen and I wasted most of the afternoon.

I did just barely make my second commitment at least.

So maybe its just a thing after Thanksgiving.  The too much dinner syndrome.   People are dulled and depressed and overstuffed and efficiency is down the drain.

I blame Thanksgiving for both issues.

My brother has clarified for me.  It is not Thanksgiving to blame, at least for problem number 1 with the furnace.  Contractors, I am told, operate in a parallel universe with completely different time parameters.  There you have it.

He should know. He is a contractor.


  1. Contractors are aliens. With very limited understanding of time. Except where timely payment of their bill is concerned.
    I hope both of your aggravations are sorted. Quckly. In real time.

  2. It's very frustrating to wait so long both for your furnace part and to have your blood pressure taken. Perhaps there wasn't a beef with you doctor per say except that he's never on schedule. The doctor I go to never hurries me out and listens to everything I have to say. He's also explains things well. Thus, he's always behind schedule and the nurses, etc. get annoyed with this. I get around this by trying to get the first appointment of the day. That usually works.

    1. It wasn't a doctor appointment, but rather one for a medical assistant to check my bp. My doctor is not a doctor, actually, but a NP. Who knows what went on yesterday there. I don't.