Saturday, November 21, 2015

Three Kittens Plus Box Insanity

Donation Challenge:  
UPDATE On the Donation Challenge:  We achieved the $350 match!  Yay!  But....the donor being impressed possibly with all of your support, offered up another match up to $350 more!  Let's Do This!  And thank you so much to all those who have contributed.  You should all be granted knighthood or sainthood or whatever honor you wish bestowed.

Now, to Kittens.

The three are still here.  And suddenly, like a switch was thrown, Winter came out of his shell, flopped on his side in the cat bed, and purred.  Then he wanted petted.

Winter loves chicken.  Tonka loves all food, maybe a little too much.  Mystic?  She likes to play.
Brotherly Love?  Tonka, give your bro, Winter, a swat and I bet he doesn't use your face as a paw rest again.
Eye on the Prize
Mystic Stalks Cat Toy
No rain yesterday, or today for that matter.  We did get our first frost of the year.  I took advantage of the clear day and spent it on the roof's edge scooping mucky half rotted stinky icky leaves out of the gutters.  Yuck!  

Now, to box insanity.  Sometimes the best toys arrive via mail.   Mail packaging that is.  The dry food Barb sent via Amazon is great.  But the box it came in?  The box is spectacular.

And lastly, well, a couple pairs of friends.

Alexi and Haley

You know who, with one of her besties


  1. Boxes are always the best toys. There are some amazing videos on u-tube of big cats enjoying them too.
    I am so pleased that you got so many donations flooding in.

    1. Yes, the cats love them. To death. I've seen the big cat box videos. Some things are the same. It is wonderful so many people jumped in quickly to donate so the match could happen. Very heart warming to me.

  2. It is funny how cats love boxes. Mind, my niece's favourite toy when she was a baby was a wooden spoon.

    1. I know, they love to play in them. A wooden spoon, eh? I used to get spankings with a wooden spoon so I'm not attached.

  3. An outstanding group of pictures today. I know there is no pressure, but I wanted to let you know that I keep my donations closer to home. My particular favorite is a local pet sanctuary for unadoptable animals--usually ones that have some kinds of medical conditions or have been abused and have too many behavioral issues to live with a regular family.

    Good luck. I'm glad your matching donor is motivating others to donate because you do amazing things with the money.

    1. I hope nobody reading feels any pressure to donate. I would sure not want that. That's what Odd Cat Out does, up in the Sherwood area, takes in cats, when they have room, that really stand no other chance of adoption. Or need some time, before adoption, to get healthy and happy. I love those kinds of places, because otherwise, those animals would have no options at all.

  4. Precious photos. Congratulations on the donation match!