Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Five

Donation Challenge:  
I have a donor willing to match up to $350 in donations to The Happy Cat Club, my nonprofit.  That means, if you donate $50, THCC gets $100!   This is totally exciting and a great opportunity!  As you know, every penny donated goes to feeding cats, fixing cats and vet care for cats.  No administrative costs or staff salaries weigh us down.  Let's do it!  Hit that donate button on the top right with a purr!   

The three freeway colony kittens are being fixed, tested, vaccinated and chipped today, over at Heartland Humane.  It's a great deal they offer.   Thank you to them and also to all those who contributed to the cost to get it done.

Their parents, both wild things, were fixed last week.

Which I feel is extremely important to the overall feline population.  If you take the kittens, you've got to fix the adults.

To get this little group fixed makes me happy.  I know its not much if you think of the larger problem or even compared to what other groups do.  But it does make me happy.  I can't help it.

The kittens will be heading to Portland at some point after Thanksgiving.  More resources up there, more adoption groups, more money, more energy.   Thank you to my friend, Keni.

Photos of the five:


Winter, the black boy with the white chest spot who can be hard to photograph, especially with a failing camera.  So I stylized a blurred photo of him.

And little Tonka, who is fast becoming Chubby.  I think that will pass, once he realizes the food dish is always full.

Wild daddy, fixed and returned.  Winter is his spitting image.
I finally covered the cage I made for Fat Oci, with chicken wire, to keep kittens in, and moved them into it last night, which immediately began to help with their socialization.

Wild mom.  Tonka and Mystic look just like her, Tonka minus the orange.  She was still lactating, still feeding them, but she didn't have much to give.  Fixed and returned.
It's a relief to know the kittens are getting fixed today.  It's my thing.  I'm not an adoption type of person although I have adopted out hundreds of cats in my time.  I much prefer the cat wrangling, the round ups for fixing, not only because it suits my nature more than doing adoptions, but because it is so cost and labor effective at making a real difference in the larger picture.


  1. Wonderful news. Thank you.
    And I have made a donation.

    1. Thank you so much EC. With yours, we are up to $95, before the matching!!! On our way!

  2. Wow! Mystic is just stunning! love the shots of him in the sink. "If I fits, I sits." haha
    Kudos to you for all you do, Strayer!

    1. Mystic is very beautiful. Thanks Dawn!

  3. Well done! You definitely make a difference.