Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Mess

The bed frame issue is a Halloween nightmare.   I thought it could just be returned, since it lacks the parts to put together, because of Amazon's return policies but I guess they don't apply to sellers on Amazon.  They have their own policies.

The problem is neither the seller nor the manufacturer has the missing parts.  They have to get them somewhere else, like Canada or somewhere.  It could be a week or more.  Then I read reviews of the same product sold by others on Amazon and discovered the missing hardware problem of mine isn't an isolated case and that others were promised to be sent the missing parts but never got them, or didn't by the time they wrote the review.

I don't have space in my garage to hold the thing, is also an issue.  If I'm going to return it, I need to keep all that packing, which is a lot of stuff and all those parts.   I will need to put it outside, but its supposed to rain too.  I will put each end of that box on a 2x4 and wrap it all in a tarp and hope for the best.  That's all I can do.

And I feel terrible about the whole thing, for my brother, who ordered it out of kindness and concern for my sleep well  being.  I feel its become a frustration for him having to deal with this.

I'd like to crawl into a hole and wave a wand and go back ten days in time, and tell him "no, don't order it" and all would be good.

I have the mess of the cat structure too I took out of the bedroom to make room and the cat wheel.   Oh gosh.  I guess I'll just fill the cat wheel with dirt and make a garden box out of it.

That's all outside too, waiting for me to tear apart.  I don't have garbage space for these things, so I tear them down, cut them to pieces and bit by bit, either re use or get rid of the parts, as I can, once cut and torn to pieces.  This can take awhile.  I don't deal well with mess.  I CAN'T HANDLE MESS.

Well, I hope it works out. I'm anxious over it due to space and mess issues.  A new mattress is on its way, but I won't have space to hold that either if the frame parts aren't here by then, so then I"ll have to get rid of the old mattress and those I tear apart by hand.  This causes my finger joints to swell.  I don't want to do it.

My solution to not have to do that, is that I decided to keep the old bunk bed and leave it where it is, to avoid the pain of taking it apart and re assembling it in the second bedroom or having to tear apart the mattress.  I liked that solution.

I'd decided to put the new frame in the 2nd bedroom and that's why I moved out the cat sleep structure and cat wheel.  If the parts don't come in for the frame, but the mattress does, I can't store the old mattress, so I'll put the new one on the old bed, and will have to tear down the old mattress and the other frame, if I ever get those parts, will be without a mattress.  I'll rig something else for it.  It will work out.

Amazon is nice, but I've learned my lesson.  Don't order large items or anything that can't be easily returned.  It can turn into a nightmare.  But then, it is almost Halloween.

I've decided on my own solution.  I'm going to Home Depot with the parts list and purchase the hardware needed and its going together tomorrow come hell or high water.


  1. I hope it comes good. I really, really hope it comes good. Quickly.

  2. First world problem darls. Keep your sense of perspective.

  3. It's not time to despair yet. As you said yesterday, there's not an immediate rush for the new bed to be in place. And you're already going to do what I was going to suggest. Go to the hardware store and get you're pieces. Good luck.