Thursday, October 01, 2015

Another Mass Shooting, This One in Roseburg, Oregon

I was recovering from yesterday's long day, doing chores, TV on in the background, when I hear breaking news.

There has been another mass shooting, this time at a community college and this time in Oregon.  I don't know how many victims or dead or who the damn shooter was this time, some angry person with a gun.  I'm tired of hearing about angry people with guns taking out their issues on innocent human beings.

The news is early still.  The pictures will be familiar.  Bloody young people, now traumatized, the lucky ones still alive.  It's all so wrong.

The media will rush to show it all, climbing over each other to get the best shots and the best most emotional interviews.  We're all so ghoulish over it, wanting to see the images.  By next week, we'll have moved on.  But the victims and their families and friends won't nor those at the school that day.  Nor will the firemen and police officers and health care workers who respond.

Angry people with guns are everywhere.

People shouldn't die that way, especially young people and kids.  Monsters do these things.  Has to be monsters.  How else can I think about why a person would make that decision, to go into a school and pull a trigger that sends bullets into the bodies of young vibrant hopeful funny mischievous wonderful young people.  I have to box up the perpetrators of such acts in some way to make them go away and seem very unusual and rare.

Good people are everywhere too.   One freak with a gun versus thousands upon thousands of good people who would never do such a thing.  Perspective.

Roseburg, Oregon, where this tragedy just happened, is about an hour and a half south of where I live, via the freeway.  It seems easier to bear the news of these shootings when they're much farther away.


  1. I am so sorry. And, so grateful that this is one area we don't follow your country's lead.

    1. Our country is extremely violent. I don't know why.