Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Dam Cats

Five cats were dumped near the bottom of the dam up in Foster a few days ago.  Foster Reservoir is where I go to play with my raft.

They ended up at a woman's door and went right into her house and began to eat her cats food.  She didn't want them though, but everyone was full, same old here in Linn land.

Because the woman began with threats of the "Ferry street solution" which means having them killed at the dog pound (we actually have no services for cats in our county), everyone was trying to find someplace they could go.

Thankfully, once again, my rescue friend, who fairly recently took in three other Albany unwanteds, found a fosterer and so this morning I drove them up.  They are delightful teenagers, two girls and two boys.  There had been five but the woman found someone to take one of them yesterday.

However, they're not car cats, and all four cried the entire way up.  I think they were tired.  I met my rescue friend in a parking lot off 205 and while she went into a store to get some things, as we also waited for her fosterer to arrive, I let the boys out of their carriers in the car with me.  They were so happy about that.
A wonderful teenage male!

The other boy

This is one of the girls.

And the other girl.  Both girls also are extremely social and sweet.

I just wanted to take a long nap, with all four of them around me, in the back of my car, but this was not a good parking lot for that option.  I couldn't get to sleep last night.   So all I thought about, after I handed the four over, was having an encounter with my bed.

That was not easily done.  Football freakazoids were clogging the south bound freeway, headed to Eugene for a University of Oregon football home game.  Every home game for either university we must endure the bumper to bumper freeway or just stay home.   I am not a fan of football.

So I pulled off at the rest area and waited for over an hour, while the traffic congestion cleared up some but it was slow going the whole way home.  I just got home.  Now my bed is calling and I will answer.

Thank you again to ARCF (Animal Rescue and Care Fund) for taking the lead in finding them a place to hang, in Portland, until they can be adopted.  You folks are wonderful!


  1. I am so glad.
    They all look enchanting - and deserve a chance at life.
    Sleep well.

    1. They are wonderful. I just woke from a long 4 hour nap, will be up awhile then more sleep. Ah, feel better already.

  2. Clever headline for a post detailing an excellent result.

    1. Thanks for commenting on that, Andrew! It was meant to be a pun.

  3. A success story! I always love a happy ending.

  4. I hope you got some well deserved rest! Best wishes for the kitties' futures, too. Well done.