Saturday, September 26, 2015


It's over.

All 15 cats have been returned.

Not really over.  I still have traps and carriers and cages to clean, laundry to do, my own chores to catch up on, a car to clean.  Darn flies are still in it.  I got a cup of coffee and two minutes later there were two dead flies floating in it.  Yuk.  Car needs gassed.

I hate them.  I was throwing things at them in the car.

Helping cats as a volunteer is pretty much thankless.  People think you're weird.  People shame you over things, and others have nothing but criticism.  Or you're told you should do more, while most do nothing.  It's full of private joys, however.

I took the girl kitten back.  I should not have had to explain things to two young boys but that's what I had to do, because their mom was still sound asleep.

 The kittens brother has vanished, but a neighbor warned them if she saw them out again, she was taking them to Safehaven.  I hope he's there and safe and I hope the neighbor takes this darling little girl too.  Otherwise she'll likely end up dead at a young age, as so many cats "owned" at that complex do.

The good neighbor told the boys if they want to give up the kitten to bring it to her.

Sweet gray tux girl kitten fixed yesterday.

I took back the five from the barn way out beyond Lebanon. The Berlin Road Barn Brats, I call them.  There were at least two more.  They're not interested in getting them done, the teenage daughter told me today when I returned these five.
There's a big black older male in the back there, then a black tux young male up front.  Four boys and one girl were fixed from this location.

The only girl of the group, a young sweet lanky black tux.

The young black tux male again.  I housed these five in two cages, which now must be cleaned too.  The stink of all the unfixed males in my garage unsettles my crowd.

This male, fixed yesterday from the barn, is tame.

Young black male fixed yesterday.
So everyone is back home.  I'll spend today catching up, cleaning and doing the cat laundry.  Sleeping too.
When I returned the farm cats I saw this unfixed female.  She has kittens, I believe, but came out for wet food I put out.
This darling black male kitten, fixed yesterday, was already playing, a few minutes after release this morning.  

Despite the difficulty of the last few days, the exhaustion, the unexpected expenses, like dealing with a three hour drive back home, one that should take just over an hour, but was prolonged due to extreme Portland congestion, I'm happy these 15 were fixed yesterday and that Cole, that big trouble making lovable male, was fixed Thursday.


  1. Love that last male kitten, and feel for the one in the cage above him. Not a happy chappy.
    Much, much better off than he was though...
    Well done. Again.

    1. Well, the one in the cage is back home now, at his barn. The little black long hair boy, from the homeless shelter farm, is just adorable.

  2. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight and have a calm day tomorrow puttering around the house.

  3. My dear, you achieve more good in one (long!) day than many can claim in a lifetime. Thank you!