Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Remember Jake?

Jake was trapped by a cat hater at a Tangent trailer park.  Allegedly (I was told all this by the KATA volunteer who brought him to me) he wanted deputies to take him, to be killed, but instead he was given KATA's number.  A volunteer picked him up, but had no room, nor the experience to deal with an alleged feral adult male.  I say "alleged" because......

Jake now, up at Odd Cat Out Sanctuary, run by the director of Poppa Inc.  Poppa no longer is a spay neuter nonprofit.  Now it is Odd Cat Out.  They are chronically full but took on Jake and about a month later, Jake came out, as the tame lover boy he is.

I took Jake to be fixed, after I agreed to hold him.  KATA was going to try to arrange a meeting with the trailer park manager, where he was trapped, to discuss TNR, but that never happened so he couldn't go back there.  What to do with this big boy, who turned out to be a crypt orchid (one testicle up inside his body).

OCO (Odd Cat Out) agreed to take him and thank goodness he did. He behaved feral for about a month.  Then suddenly, flopped on one of the cat beds and rolled on his back, feet up, inviting a volunteer to scratch where it itched.  So she did.  And now Jake just wants love.

Odd Cat Out came about because Poppa's director ended up with lots of unwanted cats too from Poppa "fixing" situations, as did I.   So she runs the sanctuary and its awesome.  I am officially Odd Cat Out South, the sanctuary part, although my nonprofit is called The Happy Cat Club, joining myself to the memory of Poppa Inc., the spay neuter nonprofit that gave me my mission in life, to round up cats to be fixed by the thousands.  I ended up with lots of cats too, as a result of being a Poppa cat wrangler, and now I too keep them here in style, determined to care for them properly for the rest of their lives.

I thank OCO for giving Jake a chance to be Jake, to give him the time he needed to remember he was once probably a kitten someone adored.  Then he grew up and nobody fixed him and he got left behind or dumped or wandered off looking for love and nobody made an effort to find him or to save him.  Until one man hated him so much, fighting on his porch, that he determined to kill him.  And that backfired, for both the man and for Jake.  But in a good way.

Sometimes there are good endings.  Jake will stay at OCO and maybe a home will be found for him and if not, he'll just live his life out there.   Took him awhile, but after he observed the goings on there, for a time, he relaxed and knew he could be Jake there and get love and food and life is good again.


  1. What Jake got is all that any of us really need, a chance. I'm glad that you and others made that possible for him. :)

    1. It's true, he got a chance. So many don't. He had a lot of help in the end. A KATA volunteer who picked him up despite having a full house of cats herself and being sick. Me. And finally, OCO, the ultimate cat house, where Jake will get love every day and had the space and time to come around. Cats can act wild that are not, that were once tame and loved. And it doesn't take long on their own for them to act that way, especially in a live trap. So many are just killed.

  2. Not only did he get a chance, it sounds like a second chance. And a lasting opportunity. Which is wonderful.

  3. What a joyful outcome. Thank you for sharing.