Monday, May 04, 2015

Some Memorable Cats

I was attempting to organize my stored photos, last night, and took a trip down memory lane, staring into fuzzy faces who have left here, either by death or adoption.  Gazing into the eyes of long gone friends made me smile, to remember, and sad, too.

This morning, Mops and Tugs are over getting their teeth checked out.  I wasn't going to take Tugs, but rather Honey, Tweetie or Button, but those three vanished into another dimension, I swear, when I got that look they know, although I try to fake a relaxed "everything's just fine" look and even practice it,-- that look that means "somebody's going to the vet".

Buffy, Mop's sister, had 10 teeth pulled when she went.   Mops was on the list . Tugs, however, was on the secondary list.  Still on the primary list:  Sassy, of the Business Nine, the last of those cats to get in; Angel, Tweetie and Button, a.k.a. the trailer park sisters, and Honey from the Corvallis Homeless Camp.   Teddy and Starr from the homeless camp, both had dentals in the last year.  Honey's the last of Camp Cats in need of a vet dental.

Tugs, from the Lebanon Shovel Killer Christian neighbor Colony

Mops, from the BS Colony
Good luck today, Tugs and Mops!

I got my first donation, through my website for the nonprofit I'm starting--the Happy Cat Club.   A link to that site is on the right sidebar!  I am not exempt yet, but I did file the IRS paperwork requesting to be tax exempt.

After sending off the filing fee and form, online, I was ecstatic but also I felt a sinking feeling, and almost thought I heard the "whoosh" sound that a phone makes after you successfully send a text.

"There goes $400," I thought, "into a deep dark black hole, never to be seen again."

Thankfully, I later got an auto receipt, for the filing fee, but not the form.  "Uh oh," I thought.  I sure hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.  Took me a long time to save up that fee, to file.  I'm sure it will be just fine.

Now to the cats...

In one homeless camp, in Corvallis, I got 52 cats and kittens fixed.  I moved to remove most of the kittens, and any tame adults I could.  I've gone back to save others several times.  One of those tame adults I took out was Fat Zach.

Fat Zach was an awesome huge black male who adored other cats and was laid back as a cat could be.  He had a thick wrestlers' neck and would tussle with Peeman Sam for hours.  I made a video of it.  If you can't watch it all, at least check out Sam's smooth move at 2:26 and the look on Zach's face at 2:42!  Classic!

Zach also loved a cat I'd just rescued from a local trailer park, whom no one wanted, a male with eye issues I named Crusty. Zach calmed him and lay against him, licked him, hugged him until sometimes Crusty would get irritated. Crusty went to live with a couple on the coast while Zach now lives in Corvallis. I miss Zach and his ultra loving ways.

Fat Zach on my Bed

Fat Zach at Christmas.  And Yes I decorate my cats for Christmas.  Doesn't everyone?

The first name I gave Zach, after his rescue, was Blingo.  This was the first video I made of Zach, a.k.a. "Blingo", with Crusty, the trailer park boy, with the bad eyes.


  1. Love your cats. And good luck on the non-profit status. It should help a lot.

    1. Well, I am currently an affiliate with Poppa Inc.which is how I have run the online fundraisers so far. But I wanted to get back into helping community cats too, with spay neuter and vet care. We shall see how it goes, thanks for the vote of confidence.