Friday, May 01, 2015

This and That

Guess who is sleeping on the bed now. She does so because she likes it when I lay down next to her and pet her.

Vision, my ancient of ancients, with Miss D behind her.

Honey enjoys some sun.   She is the most precious kitty.
Haley, on the left, who had lots of teeth pulled the last trip to the affordable clinic.  Stiletto, her daughter, is on the right.
Sam and Mums are best of friends, but that cat bed is too small for both!

I haven't grocery shopped in awhile, so I eat what's left and today it is an avocado and a cut up beet.  I love beets and I eat them raw, not cooked.  I have beet seeds planted in my small garden space and hope they grow up soon.

As we all know, from experience, beets can cause some interesting issues......check out these issues, as explored below on Portlandia!

Anyone tired of swearing men reality shows?  Not Discovery Channel.  Discovery LOVES them, and the more man drama the better.   I wonder how much is played up and edited into the otherwise probably fairly routine lives of truffle hunters in Oregon.  Man drama is a big seller among, you guessed it, men!

Read about Discovery Channel's new Oregon show "Unearthed" at this link.

But not everyone is happy about this new show, filmed not far from where I live, in Falls City.  I have a friend who works for the city here, who lives there, with her animals.

Not even happy about the show are many truffle hunters, who believe raking for truffles is bad for the forest floor and that the show will make novices head out to do more damage.  I pick mushrooms now and then, for personal use.  Lots of people do.  You just have to be a little careful to not get the poisonous ones.

 Others pick to sell, in the fall, and every fall, mushroom hunters get lost and die in the woods from exposure or injury.  But have I ever heard of mushroom hunter violence or murder?  Nope.  Not even for truffles, those little black buried fungi sold to restaurants where I could not even afford to sit down.

So I think the drama is getting played way up to sell.  I have no intention of watching it.  Well, I can't, since I don't have cable.  And I don't want to.

I had enough of cursing swearing man drama after watching several seasons of Deadliest Catch.  I tried to like the Gold Rush thing, that featured some already wealthy Oregonians, heading to Alaska with massive amounts of equipment, to tear up the landscape in search of gold.  I never could get into that one.  I guess I'd had enough by then.   And I don't want more.

My brother tells me stories of the man drama going on in the construction world.  I am fascinated by it, since by and large, women are supposed to be the drama queens of the world.  I learned over the years, man drama is huge out there too.

But I'm at my limit and I won't be watching "Unearthed".


  1. Drama queens, regardless of gender, make me tired.
    Cats? Never. Love your blissed out moggies.

  2. How un-American to not have cable! I thought everyone there has cable. The tv show sounds ghastly. How many more ways can we ruin our environment. But then I am not so close to nature, not having any idea what beetroot tastes like when it doesn't come from a can.

    1. Ha, Andrew, on the cable comment. Cable, even internet, is too expensive for many people in the U.S. Lots of people around here have neither cable nor internet. I think the show will be a great deal fiction and I do not understand the attraction to fake reality shows.

  3. The worst of those shows is the one where the men are cutting down all those trees in the woods. "Axe Men" or something. Yes, let's glorify the murder of trees and complete destruction of forests. Ugh.

    1. That was an Oregon show too, and I never saw it, only heard about it. Thank goodness I never had to see it.