Friday, May 22, 2015

Moving Along

Yard flowers.  My camera did not want to focus tonight.

The Catnip is thriving, certainly.

Not a large to be cherry crop, but there will be plenty.

Zeva watches me.  She is owned on another block.

Funny Face, whom I've trapped twice for treatment of bad teeth and fleas, still makes his spray marking rounds, even though he was fixed years ago.  He too has a home, but they don't seem to take care of him.  He's often crawling in fleas.
Three or four times this week, beginning last Sunday, I have helped a friend move.  She lives in a second floor apartment and is moving into a mobile home that she now owns.  I volunteered to help.  I need the exercise.

Last Sunday I probably went up and down those stairs a million times.  Yes, I am exaggerating.

It's good for me, like the gym membership I don't have.

By Monday, my left knee locked up, something pulled tight and painful in the back of my knee and that runs down into my calf.  A tendon, ligament, muscle, I don't know.  I could barely walk.  But with rest and Aleve, it unlocked and soon I was at it again, feeling both knees gain in strength each time.  Of course, that is likely my imagination.

Today I had to take Aleve to even be able to go haul more boxes down those stairs.  But that's O.K.  The move is almost done.  I do not envy those who must move.  It is hell.  I've moved many many times in my life.

My electric bill this month was the lowest its ever been here.  I was so happy when I opened it and saw the amount.  Reprieve for this month, at least, from the cliff's edge I live upon financially.

I live in the dark, with the lights off most of the time.  I try to take a shower only every other day, or make them really short.  I do the best I can to reduce expenses here.  But mostly the reduction is due to our very mild weather of late.

Old Vision seems to be failing, not eating as much, having some slowness walking.  But she still jumps around.  She is officially 21 years old next month although I don't know her exact birthday.

She likes to be held and petted and brushed and made over and I do that as much as I can.  She follows me around like a puppy too.  I just love her, but I know I won't have her around much longer.

She does not go up on the high cat runs any longer, from which she fell last August and injured that eye.  She remains ground level or, at the least, on the cat bed contraption at the front window.  She likes sleeping in the beds there and watching the birds flick by.

There is great relief here, as the cats, one by one, receive needed dental care.  There is less mouth pain, which makes everyone relax and enjoy life.
Soloman, now 9 years old, takes a snooze.

Arrow, now, at two years old, the youngest cat here.  He's from Rosy's clan and they were about the same age.

I've added more cat runs in the cat yard so the cats can watch the birds and boy do they enjoy that.  Mona Lisa stares back at me, with Forest in the background, also on a cat run.  Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone.


  1. Kind of like being shown family photos really. Stiletto is very handsome.

  2. Loving your furry babies and their runs.
    And a happy weekend to you too.

    1. Thanks, EC. The weather has turned back to a shade of Oregon dripping gray. Nonetheless, probably nearly every Oregon campground is full. We do not mind camping in the rain. I do not mind being home with the cats this long weekend, resting up from all the up and down stairs, nice and cozy here.

  3. I like those lilies, always wanted some in the garden, maybe I will still get some.
    You have been a little busy then building/fixing the cat runs..

    1. I love them too, WA. And yes, I enjoy mixing it up for the cats, adding new things, for their enjoyment and for mine.

  4. Great photos! Reaching the age of 21 is an amazing feline feat. My little Luna only made it to about 15 and I still miss her every day. My heart goes out to anyone with loss looming. ~hugs~ As for your knees, I'm glad the pain lessened, and feel quite certain you are not just imagining a gain in strength. Best wishes on continuing mild weather.

    1. Yes, it is quite an amazing feat, but there is another from that colony, the river cats, who is 19 now, and Scratch,who died this year, at 19, both taken in by a friend of mine, when they were young and had been part of my river cat family, when I lived in Corvallis, homeless off and on. I think the river cats have good genes! As for my knees gaining strength, it is likely they are, with the up and down exercise. Too bad its almost over. I will have to find a new "gym membership".

    2. Fascinating. That makes sense about good genes. You're such a good friend to help your friend move. ~hugs~ Our local YMCA dropped their monthly rate in January, so I'm blessed to have a great place for resistance training and swims now. In fact, I should go today but we'll see. I hate waiting until they open at 1pm on Sundays. ;)

    3. Our local Y is more expensive than private gyms, costing $50 per month for a single person. Sometimes it goes down to $30 per month in the summer. I wish I could do chlorine, but I can't. I love to swim but the chlorine in pools kills me, makes me break out in horrible rashes and turns my eyes beet red. Glad you can swim there! Have fun!

  5. It is so sweet of you to help someone move. It's often a thankless job and often leads to injury. I'm glad you discovered Aleve as I've had two cortisone shots in the bottom of my foot just so I can step on it without yelping. There's a lot of furry lives dependent upon you.

    1. That sounds painful---shots in the bottom of your foot. Yikes. Ouch!