Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for Yurts

Y is for Yurts.

n. - A circular domed dwelling that is portable and self-supporting; originally used by nomadic Mongol and Turkic people of central Asia but now used as inexpensive alternative or temporary housing

Oregon is full of yurts. They are very popular! I have a friend who lives in the hills out beyond West Fir and lives in one full time. She even has a hot tub inside it. However to satisfy land use rules where she lives, she had to put a mobile home on the property and list it is principle residence, but she lives in that yurt. It is beautiful, fully insulated and has a kitchen and wood stove. It has a foundation of sorts also, that is skirted, to help keep it warm in the winter, where snow is normal. Or was, in normal winters.

I trapped cats for an old woman who lived down just off highway 34, south of town. She died after a long battle with cancer, leaving her adult son caring for the large property alone, with all its bills. He rented out to a family in need, without a home, and they lived in a yurt on his property. It was large, with a wood stove, and housed the four of them easily. When they got back on their feet, they bought a house just north of Corvallis.

Yurts can be rented now by the night at many Oregon State parks. They are not cheap and usually rent for $45 or more per night.

With conventional building materials highly expensive and environmentally demanding, I think yurts may become more mainstream as acceptable housing.

I have never stayed the night in a yurt. Maybe one day.

Y is for Yurt.

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