Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hoss Was Adopted

Remember Hoss?   He was fed by the parrot lady, who fed other cats, most of them owned by others.   I got five cats fixed on the block and Heartland Humane agreed to take in Hoss, the white and black fixed tame stray, to relieve stress on the parrot lady and the neighborhood.

Hoss turned out to be a total sweetie.

And sometime in the last couple of days, Hoss got a home.   He's been over at Heartland nearly a month.  

Isn't that grand that he will get another chance at a great life?

I think it is. Good luck kiddo!

Hoss, at Heartland Humane

The parrot lady was thrilled to hear about his good luck.   The gray tabby unfixed male is back, she says.  She says she'll call when she sees him and I told her if I was home, I'd throw the drop trap in the car and come over and we'd see if he'd fall for it.

She's wearing a heart monitor.  For an entire month.  I'd asked if she ever went walking, as I have been looking for a walking partner.  She said then that she didn't, because sometimes she would fall.

I had no idea when said fall, she meant pass out cold.  She did so about ten times last year and already three times this year and has the bruises to prove it.  She quit her job with kids over her fainting, afraid she might faint with a child in her arms.   Her doctor, a woman, told her it was just part of getting old.  So she had to do a work around that doctor to get any sort of help at all.

Can you imagine, a doctor that lazy?  

She drives, and she lives alone.  That is not something that should go untreated and undiagnosed.   I looked up her symptoms after she hung up.   She just faints, suddenly, without warning and the only symptom she remembers happened one time was she couldn't breath.

Probably is a heart thing.  If you faint, that means blood isn't getting to your brain.  Or oxygen.  Your blood maybe doesn't have enough volume or oxygen carrying components.  Or is being restricted by artery disease.  But the most common cause is heart electrical issues.

But she gets migraines and is also on primeron.  Migraines can cause fainting and certainly hormone replacement can mess you up badly, from many angles.  Allergic shock?  I do love puzzles and mysteries.

Anyhow, the parrot lady is happy for Hoss and I am also.  Thanks Heartland, for giving him a showcase and lets hope his new people are a lot better than his old people who left him.


  1. That's is marvelous, a home.! Must make you feel good.
    I do hope the lady goes to another Dr. she shouldn't be passing out cold, there is a reason..

    1. She got in to see a cardiologist through some other specialist she sees, bypassing her primary care, who is the lazy good for nothing doctor. It can take awhile on medicare to find a new primary care doctor around here, but she's not going to see that one again, regardless. No, I mean, a person can't be just passing out places, dropping, getting injured from the fall, and a doctor ignore it. That's nuts.

  2. Lucky Hoss! I'm so happy for him. And the parrot lady is blessed to have you, as well. What an inspiration you are.

    Thank you for visiting my blog about the kitty Luna that I lost last August. You warmed my heart even while bringing a tear to my eye. Best wishes to you and all your friends, furry or otherwise.

    1. It's very difficult to lose a long time friend. I know all about that. Hoss is very lucky to get another chance at a good life, to not be living on the streets. I like the parrot lady very much. We're going garage saling one of these Fridays.