Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quake! We're Still Waiting...

Q is for Quake.  The big shake.  We're allegedly in for the big one anytime.

The Cascadia fault is our enemy not our friend.

Read about the next big one expected by clicking here!

Allegedly this fault will produce a monster quake in the 9.0 scale area at any moment.

That's why I sleep with my bike helmet hanging by my head off my bed post.

That's why I feel for the shake beneath my bare feet if walking an Oregon beach.  Many places along the Oregon coast would be subjected possibly to massive tsunamis, with the right type of quake.   On many stretches of beach, there is no high ground to run to and you'd be facing that last wave coming at you.

Stand tall if that happens, and give it the finger!  Like this:

I tried to push the practical approach of tsunami towers, after the Japan quake and tsunami.  Structures, with stairs, built high and strong in places along the coast devoid of height, to withstand tsunamis, maybe packed with water and some food, too.   I envisioned reinforced concrete, shaped something like the conning tower of a submarine, to deflect wave force.  People could run to it and up the stairs and be safe from the wave.

The shake is coming....

Q is for Quake.


  1. I am not sure that many structures are strong enough to withstand a tsunami.
    Love the finger of defiance. Going out in a positive way...

  2. It will happen oneday, but that day is not would be awful.

    1. It would be, and there's no use worrying over it.

  3. Sleeping with your bike helmet by your head seems like an excellent idea.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy