Monday, March 16, 2015

The Next Lucky Kitty!

See the link to the fundraiser I am running, on the right sidebar?   The next lucky kitty to get a dental from money raised will be Alexie.  She's one of the Albany Business Nine and you can see from this photo why she needs a dental too.  That right upper canine is hanging.  She probably has the same problems the others from that colony have---super bad teeth from bad diets and systematic starvation, way back from when they were in their mothers' wombs then as kittens.  I can't peer into her mouth because she's a wild thing, but I can watch for telltale signs of trouble.  She has them.  So she's next and the money is there, in the account and the appointment for her is made!

THANK YOU to all my lovely donors!  THANK YOU Thank you!

Look at how well Misty is doing, after her dental of some time ago.  She too is one of the Albany Business Nine.  After her dental, she, who was the wildest of the nine, has become a cat who wants to be a lap cat.  She is so much happier now, with those bad teeth gone. She plays wildly and follows me around.

Blueberry too is now fully healed from her February dental.  She and Raindrop went together and both had lots of extractions.  That takes awhile to recover from fully.  Both are doing very well.  Blueberry's bad haircut, which I gave her while she recuped in the bathroom, getting her antibiotics daily, is starting to grow out some. A very bad Mohawk which she actually didn't mind.  This is a bad photo because I zoomed in from a distance and there's not a lot of light right now.

Why?  Because, right after I wrote that last post bemoaning the lack of rain in Oregon, it rained!  No, it poured for two days while the wind moaned.  It made me happy!  I felt great relief, too.  I thought, 'Maybe things aren't so bad with drought here.'

Although, a NASA scientist wrote an op ed in the LA Times declaring California would be out of surface water storage (reservoirs) in one year, and that ground water aquifers are terribly depleted from farmer wells.  The article called for immediate severe rationing.  Meanwhile Oregon news stations ran stories about our own snow pack deficit, inciting more worries of long term drought particularly for agriculture.

Slinko has jumped onto the bed, where the girls are napping and at peace.  They wake and stand and hope he won't cause issues.

Slinko is where he doesn't belong,near Slurpy, whom he has attacked before.  This has created a resentment among Slurpy's friends.  They see no reason for Slinko to be allowed within 20 miles of Slurpy.  

Slinko's unease.

Slinko is making muffins, hoping I'll put down the camera and pet him, but his ears are creeping back, as he senses Miss D might take him out at any moment.  She is merely tolerating him so close, in her space, because she's sleepy.

Slinko has come to land next to the much loved Miss D.  Miss Daisy is old but she doesn't take shit off anyone, not even Slinko who is three times her size and a third her age.  Slinko knows this and is walking on eggshells.

Slinko glances back at kind hearted Slurpy, whom he has relentlessly tormented at times.  He deserves driven off but Slurpy is a kind kitty without a vengeful heart.

Slinko has leaped onto the bed, into the gaggle of girls, two of whom he has previously tormented.  He's relying on their basic kindness.

Slinky glances at Miss D.  He has horned in where he's not really wanted and knows this could erupt.

Sleepy Starry tucks into a pillow and remains in la la land, the best place to be when shit hits the fan in contentious territory disputes.

The microwave has crashed.   It's the magnetron.  I looked up its symptoms online.  It's making loud noises now and then and also not heating items now and then.  The part that creates the microwaves is the magnetron.  When it goes bad, it can create hazardous microwaves of varying frequency.  Replacing the magnetron isn't a hard project but it is more expensive than getting another microwave. I'm not comfortable with the repair, as excess voltage can remain on the magnetron, I read, so the thing is leaving me.

I use it mainly to defrost frozen home made cat food and to heat the cat warming Frisbee.  I can do these tasks using other appliances.

Learn how to repair a microwave at this helpful site!

I could do almost nothing the last few days.  My right shoulder was inflamed and I could barely lift my right arm.   I was shocked to get a call from my little brother Saturday afternoon.  He and his wife were driving north with the construction trailer to pick up supplies in Beaverton for a job he's got.   They wanted to take me to dinner in Corvallis.  Can you believe that?  I was jumping up and down as I talked to him, heart racing with excitement.  Ha!  Because it was a HUGE deal to get to see them.  We had a great time and even though my right arm was barely working, it was no big deal to eat with my left hand. I'm pretty much ambidextrous anyhow.

I'm glad my cherry tree didn't bloom before the storm that came through the last few days.  When my tree blooms right before a severe windstorm, the blossoms get blown off before they can be pollinated and I don't get many cherries.

See, it's just now budding out and no blossoms yet.

There's my summer sitting chair!


  1. Yay for healthy, happy cats.
    Yay for rain.
    Yay for dinner out with your family, and yay for you.

  2. EC, I am picturing you with pom poms, knee highs and doing that as a cheer! It's an awesome vision in my head. THANK YOU!

  3. That's wonderful that your brother and his wife took you out to dinner...the cats look happy, sorry about your microwave...wise to toss it.