Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring has Sprung and Jack the Gnome at Home

The cherry has busted out in bloom.  Yikes, the beauty.  I must shield my eyes!

I'm not hearing and not seeing bees, however.  Yikes.  Where are you, you little pollinators?   Get out here and get busy.

Wouldn't you know the Cherry bloomed right during a big rain and windstorm.  Not good timing.  Those blossoms need pollinated before they blow off.

There's still time.   I need some bees fast.

I want to be ready this year, to take more of the cherries, make jam and juice, besides eating them, eating lots of them.  I'm going to build a ladder so I can get up high to pick them.  The tree was never properly pruned to a height that's reachable.  Then when I was going to cut it down to proper size, well the birds came and I know they would object.  They like sitting up there, and looking down on me.  So being a birdie now, overlorded by crows and mourning doves and Coopers Hawks and little dickey birds of all varieties, I left it high and the birds be happy about that.  I serve the cats and also now the birds.  It is my lot.  But I get the cherries, by gosh, I get my fair share of cherries, be there any.

Altered state dandelion
I generally don't kill dandelions.  I make wine of them.  I'm hoping for a good crop again at Dead Jack's.

Jack (He's a Gnome now)
I've named the Gnome in Dead Jack's back yard.  His name is Jack.

It's not a very pretty gnome, if you ask me.

I know that gnomes are not known for beauty, but this one's really really ugly.  A step beyond the usual gnome ugly.

Since the big house is all locked up now, that's Jack the Gnome's home, the old cat house, that even the cats declined to use.  This photo I call Gnome at Home, in fact.
Forgotten Space---Just the way I like Space

Happy happy happy Cherry


  1. The blossoms are amazing and far superior to what we normally see. I guess it is the very cold that makes them bloom so well.

  2. Yes, they are fabulous, Andrew, they are. But if there are too many on the tree and they all become cherries, then often the cherries are not good. So fewer blossoms can make for better cherries.

  3. The cherry blossom is amazing. No wonder Japan has its Cherry Blossom festivals in town after town. And how I would love to see it.
    You are right about Jack the Gnome. He is a seriously unattractive specimen.

  4. Hello, and thanks for stopping by. Your cherry blossom photos are wonderful, with the blue sky beyond.
    I visited your cats, and soon I'll be back to see how you came to be caring for so many.
    Take care yourself.

  5. Thanks for visiting, Joanne!

  6. Yes, EC, Jack the Gnome is seriously beauty deprived. He's back behind dead Jack's house. The company the bank hired to keep up the property hasn't been around in a long time. The grass is growing tall, weeds proliferating and I don't understand it, a perfectly wonderful house as that was, allowed to rot away, when so many people would love to buy it.

  7. The blossom is awesome...

    1. Your diction is frickin bitchin'!