Monday, March 30, 2015

Slinko, Checkers and Captain KirK

The Parrot Woman feeds a couple of strays that are not her neighbors cats.  One of them is a previously neutered big fat white and black boy.  She put him in her bathroom when she was trying to catch the gray tabby male.  That was Thursday she locked Checkers, as he is now named, into her bathroom.  He took to it quickly.

However, with her parrot and the way cats can be with birds and the calico already in her bedroom, and being poverty stricken to begin with, the Parrot Woman hoped to find him a home, or a shelter to help him.  She and neighbors said he showed up a few months ago and nobody claims him.

One neighbor does not like him at all.  He claims he fights with their little fixed black male.  Those folks also had an unfixed male, who got fixed yesterday at the FCCO.  So Checkers is wanted gone from the area, which is over run in unfixed males, inciting all to violence.

Heartland offered to take him, I took him over this morning.
Checkers over at Heartland now

Slinko is there too, getting checked out.  Slinko came originally from right across the street from where Checkers has been roaming.  It's quite frankly a terrible area for animals.   I took 13 out from the apartments across the street two years ago, Slinko, Molly and Gidget being three of those.  The rest I found other places for.  Two kittens went to a Portland rescue to tame.  Two other tame strays went to a different Portland rescue and ended up in homes.  The other six are at OCO in Sherwood with three remaining here.
Lovely Slinko

 Heartland offered the aid when I was lamenting the fact I spent $200 on Slinko already to get a bad tooth pulled but within two weeks afterwards, he was back to crying out when he yawned.   I was so grateful to Heartland for the help.  So Slinko's over there now, getting looked at by people who can tell these things and don't have such bad eyes as I now have.

I don't know if he's just still inflamed or sore from where that infected tooth was, or if the one course of antibiotics was not enough and he needs more or just what.  We shall see.

UPDATE:  Slinko had to have four or five more very bad teeth pulled.  It was very wonderful to get that done for him.  Will I be returning to the vet he went to a month ago, for a dental with any needed extractions?  Nope.

And Checkers is over there also.  And the Parrot Lady is trying to catch the gray tabby unfixed male.  And I'm here typing this and now you know.

As if you needed to know.

Here's Checkers.  He's so awesome.  He has charisma.   Sure he's chubby.  He comfort eats, because he's been fed as a stray until five days ago when the Parrot Lady put him in her bathroom for safe keeping when I said maybe, just maybe I could find somewhere to give him a chance for a home again.

Had hoped Heartland would find a microchip.  Nope, none.

I told Checkers on the drive over to Heartland this morning, "Guess who got neutered yesterday?"  I knew he'd love that Captain Kirk got his balls taken.  Ha!  And Little John too, the unfixed male living over there with the fixed male who gets Checkers into trouble.  Little John inflames the black boy into getting into it with Checkers, and Checkers takes the blame.   Well no more!

Little John is already back home and Captain Kirk will be going back shortly.

The neighborhood is getting better!  Four males and one female fixed so far, plus one tame stray now out of there for good.

Bye Checkers and good luck.  I suggested to Heartland that Checkers could use a good theme song. To help him along to get just the right home.

Almost forget, some other photos......

Chessie peeks at me.  I don't know how old the very playful silly Chessie is.  She was abandoned at the Cheshire apartments in Albany.  See that left ear tip?  She was Neuterscooter fixed!



Ancient Vision enjoys a sunny windowsill while in front toothless Gretal likes her cat bed.  Gretal herself is nine years old.  But that is less than half Vision's current age.
More Cherry tree birds

Three Amigas


  1. Good luck with poor Slinko. I hope he (and you) find some relief soon.
    Love the cherry blossoms (and of course the cats).

    1. He's home, several bad teeth pulled. I got to watch which was wonderful, and I learned a great deal.

  2. I hope Slinko is not too miserable.
    The bird looks happy up there with the blossom...well captured.