Thursday, February 12, 2015

Two Cats, Bad Teeth and a Long Day

Off I went this morning, 5:00 a.m. I left.

Headed to Astoria, to the affordable clinic, with Blueberry and Raindrop.  Blueberry had been sticking out her tongue for two months. I knew something was up and it wasn't good.  Raindrop went too.  I'd noticed drainage off and on, on the right side.

Raindrop is one of the Albany business nine, that include Rogue, who had to have all but his four canines removed, and Cougie, who has no teeth now and Misty who had seven extracted last December.  They all have bad teeth.  They weren't fed over at that business, and had to eat garbage and pigeons and their moms did too, while they were in the womb.  The vet said this creates bad teeth early, especially when their moms get little nutrition when the babes are in the womb and then nursing.

Blueberry with tongue out, which is why I made the appointment a month ago for today.


So I knew most likely hers would be very bad.  And they were.  She had 13 pulled.  Blueberry's were bad too---the allergy to her teeth lining.  The vet said Raindrop was a shade beyond the allergy, a combo of the allergy plus resorption.  Yikes.

I need to get the others from that colony in.  They'll all have the problem.  They all suffered so over there before I trapped them.

I've had this appointment for the two at the affordable clinic for just over a month.  They are popular and it can take awhile to get in.  The price for both cats dentals, with all those extractions, plus rabies vaccines, droncit injections, antibiotics and pain meds--just over $300.  Do you know what the same thing would cost in the valley?   OMG, four times that most likely.  I am so grateful.

I went over to the beach to sleep.   I was so tired.  I drug my car blankee down and laid out on the sand and was instantly asleep.   I slept an hour then woke.

I tried to sleep a few other times, dozing in my car, but the only place I've ever found to sleep without being bothered is way out at the beach near Fort Stevens State Park.

I walked the river walk path down to the source of horrendous noise---sea lions, hundreds upon hundreds of them hauled out on the boat docks in the boat basin.  It's an issue.  They've been on the news.  The Fish and Wildlife people have a huge dock out there made into a trap.  They sneak up on it in a boat, drifting, then throw an M-80 at them to scare them farther into it and away from the door so they can drop it.  Once dropped, they burn them, with brands, four times each, and the lions scream, I was told, while its being done.  Some are just babies.  If they are seen five times after they are burned, or even once with a fish, up near the dam, they are dead, I believe is what I was told.  There was a woman from a group there who was telling me these things and I hope I got it straight.  It was hard to hear, being so noisy.  The burning, branding and killing angers many people who claim they eat less than 1% of the salmon and that the river and salmon should be shared by all and that the tax dollars going into these tactics could be used better elsewhere.  Some are organized and call themselves the Sea Lion Defense Brigade.

They have a facebook page. Here is the link to it.

Others think they should be killed so the fishermen can have the salmon.  For me, it's not a point I can relate to.  I cannot afford to eat Oregon salmon.  It's too expensive.   So if the market in Oregon from the bottom up, price it so high many many Oregonians cannot afford to eat the fish our state is famous for, that salmon has become a delicacy of the rich, pahooey on everyone involved and let the lions have the fish.  I guess I'm being negative because I'm so tired.

Branded Lion

The trap is at the top left of the photo.


Zen Lion

River cat homes

Two friends in the brush

Well, I'm home and very tired and I'm going to bed and don't bother me tomorrow because I have to sleep off way too little sleep for the last two days but the trip was worth it today to get Blueberry and Raindrop the care they needed at a price that didn't completely break the bank here.

Now, off to bed with me!


  1. Oh my goodness regarding the sea lions being branded. They do make a noise lots of them together.
    Poor cats and their teeth, hope all is well with them now.

  2. I came here from Elephant's Child; I'm glad there is someone willing to help the cats. The sea lion story is very distressing. There must be some other solution? Probably those who control the operation and the money don't want to know...

  3. It is very nice to have you here, River. Thank you for coming. I was thinking about the sea lions. I would think you detract from where you don't want them, and also attract them elsewhere, in combo. LIke a three foot fences lining those docks would do the trick. Then float some docks a mile away or more where nobody is and let it go. Detract/attract. It would be less expensive than their chosen barbaric method of now.

  4. They could even be a bellow type fencing on the docks, that run on sliders, so people could get through to their boats, I'm thinking. Not that expensive, it's just the two docks really, long but the work could be done in two days I think. First float some docks off a point somewhere else, might even find some used or abandoned to refurbish quickly for this purpose, so they'll be inclined to go the easy way and move.

  5. Blueberry and Raindrop are beautiful, and so lucky to have you!
    The sea lion story is horrific. They need to be left alone - they're just trying to eat!