Saturday, February 14, 2015

Post Surgery Cats, the Nonprofit and an Oregon Crucifixion

Blueberry is doing well after her dental surgery.  Raindrop, still not eating. This is not uncommon for a true feral and she is that.  Poor baby.  Both are confined to the bathroom.  Both seem to enjoy the attention and comfort of the sick room.  Blueberry is loving it!

Today I will take action with Raindrop, give her some gruel that includes Karo, that absorbs through the gums and some nutri cal and the second pain med given me by the vet.

Miss Daisy likes to feel very special and be confined in the bathroom too, if they get to be.  So I let her.  When she wants out, um, she's louder than a dock full of sea lions in Astoria.

I would love to do this year strong.  I would love to get every cat here updated on dental care.  That is about 12 more cats.  That's a big goal, but I it can be done.

The clinic in Astoria asked I not schedule more than one cat at a time.  Which means extra hardship since it is so far to go.  12 trips.  I can do it!   I could do four a month if I could get the appointments and be done with it in three months time.

My other option is to take two cats and get appointments for one cat on consecutive days and camp out a night there, at the state park, or in a motel.  Isn't it funny now that the cost to rent a rough cabin or yurt in an Oregon state park can be as much as a cheap motel?  It isn't funny.  It's a darn shame.

 I need to do it, because the clinic there has prices that are so affordable compared to here and right now, gas is still low, comparative to recent history.  It's going up again, and fast, $.30 higher now than last week.  But still cheaper than last year at this time and way way cheaper than two years ago when I could not even afford to drive unless it was to go get heavy grocery items.

I've applied for a business name with the state.  Cost $50.  Then I apply for exempt status with the feds, which can take a long while, I'm told, and costs $400.  But I have that money saved up and have for some time, hoping this time would come.

 I call the business The Happy Cat Club.   It will exist to help me care for the cats here, with food, litter, flea killer and wormer, and vet care.  But not only that, I want to help others care for their rescued cats with the same help---food, litter and vet care.

 There are so many impoverished people in this area, who still help strays but who struggle to care for them.  I've seen how bad cats teeth can become.  They suffer for the most part in silence, as vet care is beyond the financial capacity of so many people.   I want to become good at raising money and finding grants, so the business could help others care for their rescued cats. That's my dream.

In the meantime, I am still Poppa affiliated and can still use their number to raise funds for the care of the cats here, that came to me as a result of being a Poppa Inc. cat wrangler for spay neuter.

I will begin another fundraiser immediately, with high hopes of raising enough money to get the 12 done.  Most will not have the drastic need that sent me up with Blueberry and Raindrop.  Some will.  Some are from that same colony Raindrop comes from, the Albany Business Nine, and all of those cats will have terrible mouths.  The first four to go certainly have.  The other five will be no exception.  It's sad.  Those nine cats are mostly middle aged, five to seven years old.  Raindrop is estimated to be about six years old.  But, like the vet said, when they don't get nutrition in the womb, or when nursing, or as a kitten, they're going to have more health problems and bad teeth at early age.

Fundraiser is in place!  See it on the top right sidebar!  

Or click here to go there!

Here's to Blueberry and to Raindrop and to blessed Miss Daisy.

Here's to lost Bella, out there in the mountains, dead or alive.

Here's to the noisy sea lions of Astoria, and to the Salmon who run a gauntlet of eager killers, including sea lions and including humans, as they attempt to return to their ancestral home streams to spawn.

Here's to me, older now but the same.

Some people, some things, never really change.

In Oregon, our governor has been forced to resign.  It's a scandal that might make people in N.J. and Chicago, where there are real scandals and corruption, laugh their heads off.   The lynching mob came down upon our governor and his girlfriend like sharks to chum, like bears to donuts, like rednecks to mud.

There's been no actual evidence of wrong doing.  I kept waiting to hear all the terrible crimes he'd committed, but I never did.   It's surreal.   I want to yell, "Where's the beef?"

Yes, his girlfriend, appears to be, but only through media portrayal, I don't know her for real and I doubt seriously that they do, a power hungry ethicless control freak, who latched onto the Governor for the sheer glory of sleeping next to someone with power, so she could get her way.  She then destroyed him.

That's how the media makes her out.  I wonder if that's true.  It's a Greek tragedy if its true. Or Shakespearean!

Apparently, besides her other past sins, all listed, as crucial info online by the media, (in the ten commandments for witch hunts), she did not pay taxes on the $57k she made for two years straight, from some outfit that measures state success in some other way.  Or perhaps it was a new happiness index.  Something strange and mysterious that only witches would understand.  Then, also apparently, two people were hired to help implement this new state success or happiness measure, from the same outfit she got that $118,000.  We were told this is extreme corruption and requires public destruction of lives.

It's all very murky but it has to be true because all the media were on it like mosquitoes to blood.  We commoners cannot be expected to understand all the hidden complexities.  We can just believe and follow and we are so damn good at that.  Let's face it, life is boring and this provided a little distraction from the winter grey.

And we have to follow and join in, cry when told, or smile, or that's it for us, too.  We know what happens if we don't. (N. Korea).  So we all picked up the rocks and joined in the stoning.   Afterwards we went for micro brews or expensive coffee, hands still bloody and slapped one another on the back and laughed nervously.

In Oregon, we brought a man to his knees who has worked hard for the good of this state for decades.  It seems very wrong and you would think this would require a shitload of evidence.

So where are those cold hard facts?   Where did he bury bodies?  And there better be bodies to do what this state just did to this man. Maybe one day they'll be dug up on Geraldo.

The media are gloating and soon, no doubt, will be giving each other awards over it.

I'm still wondering "Where's the beef?"

But I am a vegetarian, so who needs it.

But it's all good, because now, ok this is so cool I can hardly contain myself, we have a bisexual woman governor--the first in the nation.  Yup.  And you thought Oregon wasn't still the coolest!

From Oregon Governor Kitzhaber's resignation recording:

"One thing I hope people know about me is that I love this state and its people, its rivers, its mountains and its landscapes with every fiber of my being, It is because of that love that I tender my resignation."

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  1. You are kind and caring for the cats. I hope all goes well for you there.