Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tomorrow's Load of Cats

I'd promised to help this very sweet man get cats he fed fixed.  The rabbit people first told me about it and asked if I could do something.  I can't do much anymore, since I don't have funding for spay neuter, unless the FCCO will agree to fix cats for nothing, if a colony caretaker cannot pay and this man can't and the FCCO did agree to fix them if I drove them up.

I asked him how many he fed that weren't fixed and he guessed ten.  Good guess.  This morning I trapped ten exactly.  The others are fixed, and even have ear tips.  I think some neighbors might be helping get the cats fixed.

Two from across the street are always on his porch free loading.  One is a torbi short hair with a right ear tip.  I asked the people if they knew what that was and they didn't, so i told them what an ear tip meant. They said she'd just showed up there and they started caring for her.

Torbi with ear tip.  She now claims the people across the street as hers.  She usually has on a collar but she keeps shedding it, they said.

This guy belongs across the street also!
Then there is this orange tux female who was fixed with the help of neighbors, he said.  He has another orange female inside and she is also fixed.
This cat also already has an ear tip and the man feeding does not know where he got that.  Someone got him fixed at some point.
This long hair tame torti also has an ear tip and wants a home.
Now for the non fixed crowd.....
Two big males have made life miserable for the neighborhood and left the man's porch bloody this morning, and covered in hair.  HOwever, they are both now side by side, in traps in my car.  Tomorrow, they lose their fighting organs, if you get my drift.

Then there was a young long haired gray and white adult, plus a short hair black and white female, and her kitten crowd, and its a crowd all right.....
There are six kittens in all, all cute as cute can be and I wish they were not quite as old as they are, because they would tame.  They'd tame now, but it would be slow going.  If I could only find some people with fewer cats than I have, who would they could get out of the feral lifestyle.

Unfixed crowd of kittens on the porch, awaiting food.  All these are now caught.   There are two adorable gray and white DLH kittens, two skinny gray kittens, a black and white kitten and a black smoke kitten.   

Black smoke long hair kitten.

Swarming the drop trap.
Well, by tomorrow evening the cat problem on the block will be solved, hopefully.   A lot of potential breeding won't happen!  Still wish I could find people to tame and adopt out the kittens, however.  They're a little old for it, but it could happen.


  1. Good luck.
    There are some beautiful cats there...
    Here cats are tattooed in their ears when they are desexed - not nearly as useful to tell at a glance...

  2. Those ear tips are really really helpful! Some people object to them, and refuse to get even ferals ear tipped, which can lead to their deaths, if they are thought not fixed. An ear tip also signifies someone is feeding them, that they are "owned".

  3. Good work! Yay for Jody! Beautiful cats, everyone of 'em!
    I especially like the top photo of the torbi cat. She looks like my Jamaylia Daisy (my Miss Daisy) who passed about 3 years ago. My Miss Daisy who slept by my head on my pillow or in the crook of my arm, for 14 years!
    I'm glad to hear that some of the neighbours are helping with the cats. They won't go hungry.
    I also taught my neighbour what the phrase "ear-tipped" meant when I was talking about our plan of action for trapping and fixing the cats he feeds. He's glad to have the help. I only own 2 traps so I'll either have to buy a couple more or rent them from Humboldt Spay Neuter Network.
    Thanks for sharing and helping to educate neighbours about the benefits of spay- neuter in your neck of the woods.

  4. Nobody is helping him feed the cats, sadly, and his church pastor/boss tells him not to feed them, to save money. In fact, the across the street neighbors are letting him feed their own cats. It is possible some neighbor may have gotten some of these already ear tipped cats fixed. It is also very possible it was me who did it, somewhere nearby, where the feeder then moved and left them without options and they migrated for help to him. I just don't know. Am too tired to wonder tonight.