Friday, December 12, 2014

Four Cat Dental Day

Long day today, very long indeed.

I took four cats clear to Astoria to get their teeth cleaned and any extractions needed.  Why?  Because there is a clinic there I can afford, with fundraisers, that is, to help with the costs.

The four dentals, with extractions, today, plus rabies vaccine updates for all four cats, and including convenia injections on all four, cost about the price of one pet dental with extractions here in the valley, at most vet clinics.

Even the vet college in Corvallis is going to charge $400 or $500 per cat to the public, when their students learn pet dental work.  So you can see why I went all the way to the far northwest tip of Oregon, to the clinic there.

One cat or four for about the same price.  Real hard choice there.
This is a life saving clinic for me and the cats here, with its affordable prices.

So I fund raised and thank you so very much to everyone who donated to help these latest cats get the care they needed.

The Six Cat Dental Dollars is the one I'm running now and all but Comet of those six cats have now had their dentals.  I meant to take Comet today not Misty but he got out of the bedroom this morning, very early, when I was about to contain the four and head out.  So I took Misty instead.

Jade ended with only six teeth left in her mouth by days' end.  Mooki had six extractions.  Teddy had six extractions and Misty had seven in all.  Plus remaining teeth were cleaned.

Teddy howled most of the trip up to Astoria, but all the cats were quiet for the trip back.  I left at 4:30 a.m. and got back at 7:30 p.m.  All the drive there was in the dark.  Often, I drove in dense fog.   I also drove all the way back in the dark and sometimes fog, and misty rain.  I loved it!  I love driving in those conditions!  It's awesome!

During the day, while waiting on the cats, I killed time walking on the beach and touring Fort Clatsop.
Beach at Seaside

This is a re-creation of Fort Clatsop, the Fort where Lewis and Clark wintered over, before returning east from their expedition.  The park honoring Lewis and Clark's winter stay is in Astoria.

I'm going to bed.  Trapping tomorrow I guess.

A few minutes ago, three loud explosions rocked the neighborhood.  Who knows what that was.  People in this area blow things up and fool with illegal fireworks and guns.  There's a house a block from here that is always shooting off illegal fireworks and according to a neighbor, has a pot grow to boot in back.

Glad to be back home with my kitties, who will feel much better with bad teeth gone, once they recuperate.  The rest are mad at me, for being gone all day.


  1. I am very, very happy for you and the cats who got their dental.
    And smiled in rueful recognition at the other cats throwing a hissy fit at you - for your neglect...
    My cats do that too. And punish me severely.

  2. Isn't that the truth, EC, they're so good at the cold shoulder, and psycho warfare!