Thursday, December 18, 2014

That Explains It

Now I know why I've been so grumpy and worn out, despite adequate sleep.

I was trying to ward off something.   Today it broke through my defenses.


Back with a vengeance, but now in the other ear.

My right ear is not affected anymore.  But now my left ear is.

And my left ear doesn't like what's going on in there and is raising hell, more so than my wimpy right ear.

It was not pretty today.

There was vomiting and moaning and more vomiting if I even moved an eye.  I was unable to clean up my own vomit, which barely disturbed me.  I was too sick.

There were chills and thoughts like "Ohhhhh." and "Eeewwww, this is awful."

I tried to get up to use the bathroom and ended up on the floor, so I stayed there for a little napsy.

I hate lounging.  I hate wasting a day.  But my butt was kicked.  My friend drove me to the doctor, the friend who has suffered from vertigo since she was 27 years old.  She takes decongestants and if she doesn't, she suffers.  

I wasn't sure what was going on is why I went and I didn't know how to deal with it either, since it's rather difficult alone, if I can't even get out of bed to get to the bathroom, or feed myself.  Not that I wanted to eat.

By the time I got to the doctor, I was better, but she induced it again, to find out which ear, and to be sure of what it was.  I'm glad it's not a brain tumor. Thank goodness.

Since it switched ears, I get the viral vertigo.  My colds go that way too, first one side sinus or throat affected, then the other.     So I'm on meds for it now, antihistamines and anti dizzy pills.

Make me sleepy.

The girls won't be leaving Saturday now, next week instead.   I will recover.

My cats are pissed that they're not getting all they deserve right now, but too bad pussy cats.  It's me vomiting on them for a change.  Ha ha.  That makes me laugh.


  1. Sleep sounds like a very good idea. And yes, I have chuckled myself when it has been me puking rather than the cats. They don't clean it up for me though.
    Get better soon. Very soon.

  2. It is funny when they feel underserved, they can be very outraged and hurt. LOL. Good for their character. Already feeling much better. Thanks EC.