Saturday, December 20, 2014

As Mentioned.....

Last Sunday, as mentioned, after a long nap in my car, while the cats were being fixed from the Albany colony at the Portland FCCO clinic, I went for a walk in a wildlife refuge.

Now I'll post the photos of that short but delightful walk.....

Fabulous Dancer!
Sweet Green!
Watch Out for People
Air traffic control nightmare!
Landing Strip
Trail Beauty

Contrail play.....

Hood watching...
Add a cat, or two, for good measure!


  1. What a magical place. I swear there is a friendly bear in that first photo. Thank you. Love trees. And cats. Of course.

  2. I love that place, right so close in to dense housing too Pretty awesome! That does look like a bear in that first tree photo! I didn't see that before.