Monday, December 15, 2014

Sadness Like Thunder

The kittens.  They're dead.  According to neighbors of the tenants who were evicted and left adult muted calicos behind, two girls I knew very well because they spent two nights in my bathroom.  One had a litter of four kittens.

That was last August.  Another neighbor had called me earlier that summer when she found a box labeled "free" out in the dark and rain and cold, with four three week old kittens inside.  I got them up to PAWS in West Linn.   Their mother was one of the muted calicos.  This is the video I made of the Rain Box Kittens.

There was a third mother, a classic torti, besides the two muted calico mothers.  The classic torti had a litter of kittens, but then I was told first she was beaten to death by the woman's boyfriend and her body dumped along a bike path when the kittens were very very tiny.   Later I was told differently, that the people's pitbull tore her to bits.  I don't know which story is true.  I had so many nightmares over the first story.  There was only one survivor of the dead classic torti's litter--Leo, an orange tabby, so covered in fleas, when KATA took him in, they doubted he'd survive the anemia.  But he did and he got a home.

So the muted tortis each had litters too, one being the Rain Box kittens and the other litter, were the four I had in my bathroom two days, while the two muted calicos, one their mother, were being fixed.

KATA paid for the two adult calico girls to be fixed.  I couldn't anymore, having no connections and no money.    The four kittens were too little to be fixed, but they overnighted here also, while their mom got fixed.  After the moms were to go back, a thought I couldn't stomach but they would not give them up, I offered cash for the kittens.  They should have given me all four, but they took $40 for two kittens, refusing more for the other two girl kittens, claiming they belonged to "their kids" although they were forced to live out on a porch, with many dangerous dogs in the area.

My friends told me to steal them later.  I was such a wimp over it. I should have listened. I knew they were as good as dead if I returned them.  But legally, I had no choice.

So I returned the two calicos and the two girl kittens and sure enough, they're dead now.

I went over there tonight when I found out the "owners" had been evicted and left the cats. I was happy inside, excited! to think if they had left them, now they were free of those people and maybe could get real homes and be loved and have easy wonderful lives.  I couldn't wait to hug them, get them away from there.  I went over there afraid for the cats, however, because what if some were dead, and that's when I found out the kittens are dead now.

Dead a neighbor says, one run over by a car driven by friends of the people who "owned" them and one dead some other way she didn't remember.  Dead, she said, both of them---dead.  "You don't need to be looking, cause they're dead."

I collected the two adult calico girls.  I'll find them a place.  I will.

And damn those people.   They'd been evicted and left on the sly to avoid any responsibility for everything they'd done.

These are the two they gave up to me when I offered them $40.  Heartland took them in and adopted them out.
This girl and the gray tabby tux girl below went back, and, according to the neighbor, met terrible ends.  

And these are the mother cats they left behind.

I've talked to Safehaven briefly this evening, asking if they can take them in, and the woman I talked to said someone will tell me tomorrow whether or not they can take them.  Heartland might have room end of the week, they said, but they were not sure.

Or, maybe someone who reads this will come forward, adopt these two, love them, keep them safe inside forever.  What are the chances?   I really don't want them adopted into the mean streets of this town again.  I really would love to get them out of here, to a kinder more lovely place than here.  Where there is love and joy and caring.

I was happy to think they'd left all four behind, thinking now was their chance to have better lives.  My excitement crashed when I was told the kittens are dead.  And I also know very well their next home, their next owners could be just as bad or even worse.  There and fewer and fewer kind souls out there.  Will there be enough good humans somewhere to be found for these girls?

I made the video below of the four kittens last August when I had them for two days while their mom was spayed.  I'm glad I paid out for the calico and buff boy kittens.  I hope they fared better in whatever home they got, from Heartland.  R.I.P. little gray girl kittens, who apparently have passed from this sometimes ugly world.

UPDATE:   The two muted calicos are going to a home in California!!!  Thank you Autumn!

UPDATE TWO:  The five wild thing kittens, and the three wild young adult females are going to two locations up north on Sunday.   The kittens will be worked with, tamed, and hopefully will eventually get homes.  The three young adult females will get longer healthier lives in a rural setting.


  1. I am so very sorry.
    Sadness like thunder - and anger and disgust like a bomb.

  2. Thanks EC, and yes, I am angry, half at myself for not stealing them back, when they didn't care at all. I gave them a carrier since they would not let them in, for a bed outside. That too is gone. they are fakers and takers, feeders off everything else.