Saturday, December 06, 2014

Rainy Day Photos

I had little to do today except edit some older photos, and take a few new ones.  Dreary gray and rain continues here and it is depressing to say the least.

Mostly when I put out bird seed or chick scratch the mourning doves come, but also some sparrows and Juncos.

The cats get hours of entertainment watching the birds, so for them, I toss out a couple cups of seed or scratch in the morning and afternoon.  It's like sitting kids in front of a TV to let the TV babysit them only the kids are my cats and the TV is the birds.
Sam is still as good natured and insecure as ever!

Fantasia is still quirky.  We all play for awhile every morning and evening now.

Shaulin focuses on a cat toy.

Shady feels so much better after her dental.

Miss D is O.K.  Still itchy, still with some diarrhea, but gaining a little weight back.

Miss D with her two best friends, Slurpy and Starry.
I'm going another route now, to stop Miss D's itchy skin--switching laundry detergents to fragrance and dye free.   And some other things.


  1. Glad that Miss D is a little better.
    Jazz n Jewel love bird television too. And chitter at it.

  2. Bird TV, very popular channel!

  3. Love your posts, Jody! Miss D is so beautiful!

  4. Thanks Karen, I think Miss D is gorgeous also! She's my baby!