Thursday, December 04, 2014

Middle of the Road Gang Now in Portland

Middle of the Road Gangers Petunia, Posey and Peeko are now up at a Portland vet clinic after being taken in by a rescue I know.  I drove them up today.  That rescue has big huge soft kind hearts.  I love them.

I was scared, I admit, very scared that Petunia might test positive for Feline Leukemia.  There have been quite a few kittens lately I know of, that the local KATA volunteer fosters, who tested positive.  So I got a little nervous when I knew the first thing that would happen once I drove the three darling wonderful souls to the Portland vet clinic, used by Animal Rescue and Care Fund, would be that they would be snap tested for FIV and Felk.

I'd fallen for the three badly.  I can't get the picture from my mind of them in the road like they were, when we made that corner, way way out there, in the country, and there they were in the headlights and how Petunia just sat there and didn't move or have any intention of moving off that road.

Or how many fleas died after I applied Advantage to each, the moment I got them back here.   How horrible it was as they swarmed Petunia's face, how she endured it, as they died, and I'd pick off those I could and drop them into a plastic container I'd filled with rubbing alcohol.  The cage in the garage is still littered in dead fleas.

I moved them into my bathroom.  Fatal mistake.  I get so attached so quickly.

I spent hours yesterday playing with them and petting Petunia and holding her.

She laid around mostly and purred.  They ate a lot at first but the eating tapered off after the first day when they did not want to be far from the food dish.

It poured as I drove north with them this morning, on the freeway.  The rain never let up as I parked across from the clinic and darted over with the two carriers under one arm, me leaning over those carriers to keep the rain from them.

I said my goodbyes and wiped the tears coming from my eyes so I could get to my car and cry alone.

I sweated out the test results too.  They all tested negative!

Petunia has a very deep bite wound around the base of her tail and will have to be tested again a few weeks from now, in case it was a cat who did that to her and in case that cat was FIV or Felk positive.    She got an antibiotic shot in the meantime.

The kittens are ten weeks old the vet said, but very malnourished for their age.  They'll catch up.

Tonight with this relentless drear going, and the rain pouring, I am happy.  What if they were still out there now?  In this?

But they're not.  They're all together up in Portland, all happy and well fed and warm now.   Portlanders, awake!   You're going to want to adopt this family and love them forever.   I know you will if you just meet them once.  They're with Animal Rescue and Care Fund up there, don't you forget.   That's what you need to know, to donate to help them, and to adopt!

Here's their website!

Here's where you can find ARCF on Facebook!


  1. Heart-melters. Fingers and toes crossed that poor Petunia doesn't get infected.

  2. They are beautiful and precious!