Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Colony..and...Reprieve for Miss D

I agreed to trap another Lebanon colony a couple weeks back.  Nice couple.  Husband is the catman of the couple.  25+ cats in the colony, that started with a couple of strays they fed starting not quite two years ago.  And now......Now there are close to 30 cats.

It's a happy colony and the cats look healthy.  Most are black tux or black, makes it hard to figure numbers.  I left them a drop trap and live trap set to feed under and in, which they did, and today I began the trapping, giving myself a couple of days, since I don't really know numbers.  I have reservations for this couple's cats for Monday and Tuesday at the FCCO.  21 for Monday and 6 more for Tuesday is all I could get.  But 27 fixed will sure cut into it and we'll nab the others, when reservations can be had.

I took these photos when I first went to check out the colony and leave the traps.

Guess this cat's name?  Hint:  I named the last six cats I trapped.  Their photos are at the end of this post, along with another photo of this same cat.

I didn't catch this chocolate point, or the lilac point in the photo above the chocolate point. Not yet.

I trapped 24 of the cats today.  I have 15 of them set up in cages, all nice and cozy.  The rest I trapped later this evening.  I have one more cage.   If I catch more, then these latest catches will go first to be fixed on Monday.  A Portland group offered to over night recuperate them up there, so I could drop off and come home, and not spend the day in my car along some curb freezing.
I caught three in this trap, two black tuxes and a chocolate point kitten.
Black teen with tiny white chest spot

All black teen

Black kitten with tiny white chest spot
I caught two grays, this being the first caught, has white chest spot.
This black teen looks all boy
Black tux adult

Black tux kitten

Black tux tweeny
The chocolate pt Siamese kitten again, along with one of the two black tuxes I caught with the Siamese.

Very large black tux

Black tux kitten

One of the kittens climbed the pole after my line to play with.
I have not yet photographed the six I caught after first catching the 18.  But they include a second gray and a very large classic torti.  The other four are black tuxes.  The majority of the cats out there are black tuxes, with a few all blacks, then four or so Siamese, not sure really how many Siamese there are.  I have caught only the one Siamese kitten.  I have seen a teenage chocolate point and a Lilac Point.  I'm told there are more than that.  I'm told there is a muted torti too, and there are at least three more black tuxes.  I don't know if there are more grays beyond the two I caught.

I haven't decided if I'll trap more than three tomorrow.  Three tops me out at what the FCCO can fix Monday and Tuesday.  I should stop at three more I know.  Could be some time before the FCCO has more space.

Ok, so I will stop at three more.  It makes sense and it doesn't make sense to trap more than can be fixed in the next couple of days.   Be dumb of me.

Miss Daisy got a reprieve.  The vet had sent her blood to a lab that would examine her excessive blood lymphocyte population to see if they were cancerous or infection lymphocytes and they turned out to be the latter.  Infection NOT cancer!!!  The news made me whoop and holler and jump around and forget I have vertigo.  I didn't care I ended up on the floor, where I continued whooping and hollering.

I ran up before I started trapping, after the vet called me, to the clinic to get clavimox.  On the phone, the vet, who is not even in Oregon right now, said she was sure glad she sent out that test, to have the lymphocytes examined by experts, so we'd know that much.   She sounded happy. I know I was happy.

Yup, infection, but what kind?  Back to that.  Does she have giardia, coccidia, or even haemobartonella?   Don't know.  Back to that, not knowing, but I know she hasn't got lymphoma!!  I know that!!!  I will find a clinic with a giardia snap test, to check for that.  If need be, she'll do the albon metro combo for awhile, along with probiotics.  But first, the clavimox.  And I ordered the t/d Hills food, that long ago, helped those wretched kittens overcome diarrhea.  That will come on Tuesday or Wednesday, they said.

I went all out to try to help Miss Daisy, to find out for sure once and for all, what is going on.  I know what it isn't going on now, but still not sure what is.  Oh well, one step done.  She hasn't got cancer.  She could have an inflamed small or large intestine, or the oft suspected coccidia or giardia, but those two culprits are very difficult to find in poo.  I hope the clavimox helps because otherwise, I'm going to look like I went through berry vines until we do figure it all out, getting taken down by Miss D's daggers while I give her fluids.

Worth it, in my opinion.  Definitely.

Here are photos of the last six cats I caught.  In the first 18 I caught, besides the blacks and the black tuxes, there were two outstanders---a gray with a small white chest spot, and a chocolate point Siamese kitten.

In the last six, there were also two outstanders, besides three black tuxes and a black.  There was another gray, no white chest spot on this one, and a classic torti.

MysticT (look at that perfect white diamond from her forehead to her chest!)


Gray Fader

Tee W. Stash (Tux with a white mustache)

Mustachio (Yes, I'm naming them now)

Dark Wonder (I think its a nice name)

I'll spend tomorrow night making up names for two dozen more cats.  One must have a hobby, right?

I think this is MysticT also, before I trapped him or her.  I think MysticT wants to be tame.


  1. WONDERFUL news about Miss D.
    And I have a huge weakness for black moggies. Thank you for making their lives so much better - and safer.

  2. Yeah, they have a few of those black moggies. They'd probably love to ship you a dozen or so.

  3. Cat trapping Wonder Woman! My superhero!
    Yay for Miss Daisy! Hope you can get the infection and treatment program figured out soon. Hope Miss Daisy feels better soon!

  4. Thanks Autumn, for now she's on clavimox, but...well, you know, could have other causes. Well, this trapping gig is easy, too easy, but getting the rest, that will be the challenge, since there are more cats than I have reservations to get fixed, meaning some difficult black cat selective trapping will be upcoming.

  5. Oh frabjous day! Caloo, callay! I am overjoyed at Miss Daisy's good news