Monday, November 24, 2014


The final count--32 cats.  I caught them all, at least I think I did, at the Lebanon colony, with a final yank of the drop trap cord from 40 feet out in a noisy vicious windstorm that came up.

Tbere were only two known volunteers left by then, a Siamese, and a younger black tux.  They'd buddied up, in the face of the disappearance of their family and friends.  When I saw the Siamese jump down from the barn loft, followed by the black tux, my heart skipped a beat.  "I'm going to get the last two," I was whispering to myself, a crooked twisted smile spreading across my face.

I was trying to eat pizza with one hand and drink hot chocolate with another, while reading a trashy book I'd brought along by headlamp in my car, as I waited.  So I was half annoyed to be interrupted by these last two cats finally showing, at this inopportune time for me.  I was in a really exciting part of a book chapter, for gosh sakes.

However, I dropped everything to wait, like a stone statue, for those cats to wander under that drop trap.  I'd put out their routine dry food, to throw them off their guard, and, littered the area with home grown catnip.

They ate dry food, rolled around in the catnip some, then discovered the warm tuna under the drop trap.  They looked every direction twice, stared straight at me, and I didn't so much as twitch, then both went under and became absorbed, with their backs to me, with eating tuna.  I yanked that cord like there was no tomorrow, knowing I'd catch them.  KNOWING!

The line I yanked was fastened to the drop trap stand and pulls it out from under the trap, dropping it over the cats.   I caught them both.   Done!  32 cats later.

At least I hope I'm done.  There could be a dozen more black tuxes I didn't see.  Or not.  I hope not.  The couple who feed them are watching today.  I hope.

I took 23 up today.  To the Portland FCCO clinic, where they were expected.  I was little worn out.  Takes a lot to care for 32 more cats here, plus clean up after them, plus I round wormed them all and this morning, omg, worm shit everywhere and worm shit stinks.  But they'll feel a lot better now!

 I was only to take 21, but I was told I could take 23 of the 32 today and the other 9 tomorrow.  I'll pick up the first 23 in the morning, bring them home, and take them back out to their home.   I'll pick up the 9 tomorrow evening, overnight them here, then take them home too.  By Wednesday morning, everyone will be fixed and back home.

Here are photos of the last 8 I caught:

Here's the above Siamese before I caught her....
Here are some of the cats while in holding cages in my garage....


  1. TaDaah!
    Yay! Braggin' rights!
    No more kittens at their house! I hope they offer you some $$ for your time and skills.

  2. I heard that Merle Streep and Stevie Wonder won the presidential medal of honor or some such award. Such things are always predictable with the rich and powerful awarding the rich and famous with still more awards. I think you should get one. What is your address by the way, so I can send you a Christmas card or some such? You have my email. While I'm at it, I don't think I have your's, Child.

  3. Yeah I know, the rich patting the rich on the back. I don't like awards, don't want any, don't need any, but thank you, Snow, for the thought. I do like tangible things that help, however, like gas cards and cat food! Now those are useful things. Awards, well what do you do with those anyhow?

  4. "Awards, well what do you do with those anyhow? "

    Some people turn down even prestigious awards, and I'm not sure the ones Obama just gave are prestigious in that they're based upon such trivial contributions. I thought the Nobel Prize was prestigious until Obama got it, just I thought Yale was a great university until I learned that a moron named Bush graduated from it. When I saw that picture of Streep smoozing with Obama, I lost respect for her, although she truly is a great actor.