Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Fall Walk Photography

Fall is here!  Most of my Maple's leaves are down now.  Oaks drop their leaves first, I think, around here.  They are mostly brown and down, as I saw, on the streets I walked this morning, trying to keep active.  I took my camera along as incentive to go in the first place.

At first I looked for turning leaves, but became sidetracked in a tiny park with evergreens and their fascinating trunks and branches.

First the leaves turning.....

Then I wandered into the park, which is just a field then some playground equipment.  The field has some evergreens here and there.  Not many, but their trunks are interesting.

Be Good!
Easy Climber
Bear Fruit

Garish Abandon


Show Off!

The Line

So my brother calls this morning, pretends he's from Monica Wehby's campaign office telling me to vote for her or else.  I pretend I'm Jeff Merkeley, her opponent, to counter.  We joke the two opposing candidates for the Oregon Senate really dated in high school.

He asks what I'm doing this fine election day.  I say "You want to get together tomorrow and we'll smoke some weed, man, while munching on GMO corn?"

 Oregon is voting on whether to legalize marijuana and also whether to require labeling of GMO products.  My brother hates Monsanto (GMO seed central) tactics that harm small farmers and have caused 3rd world nation farmers to kill themselves because they can't support their families anymore.

I don't know if Oregon will be the next state to legalize pot.   We have a lot of unmotivated people already.  Maybe enough.

I've seen some potheads posting to vote against the measure because it will raise pot prices since the state will be taking their nice fat cut.  But not just the state, Albany has already moved to tax pot, before its even legal.  They want their cut.  For what?  Are they finally going to fix some streets and lower water/sewer rates?  That'd be nice.

I decided some time ago not to get too worked up over politics.  I observed no matter who is in office nothing seems to change much either way.  I think it not wise for people to hang their hopes for the future on this or that politician but to create changes you want first in your own life.

Well, I won't get in on any of the pot tax bonanza if the vote goes yes for legalization, so I've started another cat fundraiser, hopefully to raise the bucks to get six cats here dentals.  You can also if you want, finance an entire dental for one of the six cats needing this service.  That'd be awesome!   You can choose one of the six and that cat will immediately get their dental appointment.

Find the new fundraiser on the right sidebar at the top of the page and just click on it to go to the site.  From there, if you don't want to donate, you can share it to facebook or twitter, which can be helpful.  THANK YOU.  And.....

Happy Election Day!


  1. LOVE your trees.
    The bathroom has eaten my money for a while so I can't contribute - but good luck with the fund raiser.

  2. Do you love them? Me too! No worries with the fundraiser. I hope I can find a few new people interested, but I just keep plugging, doing the best I can.