Thursday, October 30, 2014

Out with the Old In with the New--Cats, Fundraisers and Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween.  Whooptidoo!   I have not bought candy so far.  I have some candy someone sent me, when they sent me some cat treats including dried fish flakes that I've been munching. I can put out some of that if I don't get more. I do not buy candy to give out for Halloween until the day of, in fact, just an hour before twilight, because otherwise I eat it myself.

I did carve a pumpkin:

I declare the fundraiser, which is about to end, a huge success.  The funds raised helped Starr, Shady and Funny Face get vet care, with a bit left over for good measure!  What's not successful about that?  Nada.

You can still see the fundraiser widget if you glance right today or tomorrow.  It has raised, with 9 wonderful people who gave, some of them repeatedly, over $600.

 It was meant to create an emergency vet fund, right after old Vision fell off a cat run injuring an eye, Poppy had to have her last four teeth pulled, and Miss Daisy quit eating, all at once, resulting in large vet bills--$200 for Vision's first visit alone.

Old Vision is doing OK, but looks close to her age, not a day over 18, even though she's 20.  Ha.

Vision with buddy Honey

Miss Daisy resumed eating after some antibiotics and sleepless nights on my part (she's my baby).  And Poppy did have her last four teeth removed.

But then, along came more vet needs.  Starr was crying out now and then, when she'd eat.   Off she went, a trip that resulted in a $325 vet bill and seven teeth pulled.  She was also updated on her rabies vaccine.

 Shortly thereafter, Shady had a fang slip down, the infamous "hanging fang" incident.  Off she went.  Five teeth pulled plus she was updated on rabies.  The trip cost another $220.
Artsied up Shady!

Then I retrapped Funny Face, the yard stray, and took him to Heartland.  He was having trouble eating.  They dug out a badly infected tooth root, gave him a convenia injection, updated his rabies and three-way vaccines, flea treated the flea crawling stray and wormed him, all for $40!!  Man alive!  One lucky boy is he!
Funny Face

So of the $629 raised, $585 of it has already been used to help Shady, Starr and Funny Face.  I used the money wisely, like the funds were a precious commodity, by choosing vets who are lower cost so every penny got its maximum value it could possibly get.

The latest clinic I found is very straight forward and affordable.  I like it.  For the number of teeth Starr and Shady had pulled, the antibiotics, and rabies vaccine, those things for just one of the cats, at other clinics in the valley would have exceeded $600.  So I am pleased to have found an affordable clinic that is fairly close to me.

THANK YOU to all those who helped by donating!

I am trying to find homes for Slinko and Angel, the two cats here who might be ok with homes of their own.  Many cats here have gone to homes but been returned.  I call them members of the Bounce Back club.  Cats do not like change and change is hard on them, so that weighs heavily in decisions on who might be put up for adoption and who won't be.
Bounce Back club member Honey, who was gone two months before being returned.  She was so excited when let out of the carrier back here, she ran in circles, then ran to each cat, her friends, and touched noses.  I cried to see it.

Juno was gone from here two months, before being returned exceedingly ill with heat stroke.  I rushed her to the vet, who diagnosed her with heat stroke blindness.  She could see but her brain could not process what she was seeing.  Eventually she healed and is very happy here.

Soloman went to a home in Eugene, with a woman who claimed skill with shy cats.  Two days later, she demanded I come get him or she'd have him killed, as she said he'd bitten her.  I rushed down frantic and pulled him out of a closet where he was cowering scared to death.

Nemo was gone three months, to a Salem home, where something happened to him while he was there.  After they asked I come get him, he no longer would come in the house.  He was no longer my happy little boy who'd not want far from me and always be on my lap, like his sister, Starry.  He's gradually coming out of whatever happened, but it has taken years.

Mooki went to a Salem home, and howled so loudly the woman had to bring him back scared her neighbors would complain and she would be evicted.  I had never even heard Mooki meow before and since then, he hasn't again.  He just wanted to come home.

Shaulin went to a Lake Oswego home with people who claimed to be cat whisperers.  However, it was just the next day they demanded I meet them to take her back.   She's Bengal Abyssinian mix and these breeds attach to one person generally.  So much for the cat whisperers.

Blueberry went to Heartland after I rescued her, with her siblings, in Lebanon.  She was there two months, then went to a home down along the south coast, but was suddenly returned.  Heartland then asked I come get her or she would be euthanized.  I found her shaking in fear in a carrier in the bathroom over there and brought her home.  Once she realized she was back in my bathroom, she completely relaxed and began purring so loudly I thought something was wrong.  She was just so relieved to be home.

But I think Angel and Slinko would benefit in the right homes.  So I keep trying on their behalf.  It's not easy to find people who are responsible and caring, who will keep them indoors or contained in the owners yard, and have the money to take them to a vet if they need it.  But...I keep trying.   If a match came along for any of the cats here, they'd go, with a fond farewell, but they'd go.

I found another clinic in Vancouver with affordable flat rate dentals.  Really nice vet answered the phone when I called.  Because they are booking appointments now for March, they are that popular, I put Teddy, Jade and Soloman on a cancellation list.   Mooki, Comet and Misty are the other three who need it.  Then I'll be caught up I think.

So the next fundraiser will begin on Monday, with a goal of raising the money needed for those six cats to get dental cleanings with extractions.

What can I say, but use an all time favorite quote......

Onward to infinity!

Guess Who?


  1. Miss Daisy still looks spunky. Beautiful cats.
    What is wrong with people that they can't tolerate an adjustment period for these cats that need a little extra patience? It sometimes takes up to a year before cats really settle down and trust in the new change of situation. I'm glad that the kitties returned to your loving and gentle home. I have doubts when people claim to be cat whisperers. When I used to interview possible cat parents, I'd ususally ask if it's o.k. to visit the home first before I'd consider an adoption. Any hesitation on their part, then it's a "no-go". Sometimes if there are other pets in the house you can see how they respond to their humans and we all know cats don't lie!
    And like you've mentioned, sometimes it's hard to convince people to clean & wash their cat box(es) regularly. It's one of the simplest tasks to keeping a home odor free. And mopping, sweeping, spot cleaning, well you know. Coffee, cat food and spot cleaning are how my days start and every weekend is catbox wash day.
    Taking care of my cats is my favorite job I say, & I keep my day job to have my cats in a healthygood way!😄
    ,Thanks for sharing beautiful cat .pics!
    I keep hoping your cats will stay with you and they can retire with you! You're the best cat mom ever!
    Do you have a facebook page or just the google plus? I can add or share links to my FB page when you do fundraising. Have you also tried the GoFundMe pages? You deserve to keep trying the crowdfunding thing - many are free to put up a post.

  2. Love your pumpkin - and am very happy for all the cats you have helped.
    Our Jewel was a bounce-back cat. She had been adopted and returned before she came to live with us. Where she landed on all four feet and is very, very happy. The people who first adopted her kept he alone in a flat all day with no access to the outside world. She was lonely. She was demanding of attention when they came home (naturally) so they sent her back. At least they didn't dump her - and she and I are winners.

  3. I do really want to care for the ones here til they die. I would love that, if I can keep up the fundraisers, and the dentals. Dental care is the primary reason the cats need vet care as otherwise, they are quite healthy. But it's wonderful to find more affordable vet care options, really a huge relief that they are out there.

    I hate doing adoptions, so I would prefer the cats stay here, because its their home and they love it here and I can handle this number, on the cleaning and food.

  4. I do have a facebook page, will find your e-mail and email you a link.

  5. Ok sounds great!

  6. I didn't know that about Jewel, EC. Glad she wound up with you---she found her match! Cats don't like to be alone and without stimulation. Drives me nuts that people still think cats are solitary. Lots of lonely kittens and cats out there, grew up with many siblings, end up adopted alone to a people. It's darn sad for them. That sad some prefer their space I suspect. Lots of differences, like with us

  7. Well, I don't have your e-mail Autumn.